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I want to sell a product on my site but i don't have any budget to invest and i don't have a blog either or any social media presence, my blogging skills are not great so i'm not considering to open a blog right now, as you can see my situation is not great.

The first time i tried to sell a product, i tried to promote through forums but this didn't go well because most forums don't allow you to make advertise threads, so my threads got deleted and my sales dropped. Facebook didn't go well either because most pages don't allow you to promote.

The only viable methods i know so far are signature posting on forums(place the link on signature, they allow that) and youtube/quora call to action posting. Can anyone suggest another way to improve sales on my current situation? is it even worth to bother with ecommerce at this point? i don't aim to make a lot fast, i just want to make enough to steadily improve. I want to make better use of twitter as well but im clueless about how.

Lastly, on my current situation is it better to go for dropship or affiliate store?
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  • With no money to put in for ads, and no other platforms that you want to use to get traffic, it is going to be hard to develop a ecommerce store.

    So I would say, NO, don't bother.

    Here is my point, if you don't want work to get free traffic, then you have to do paid ads.

    Free traffic takes a lot of work. It takes the work that you mentioned above, and you don't seem to like this.

    You also state you don't have the capital to do ads. A lot of people don't.

    Your only option is free traffic. Get into the forums, facebook and youtube and try helping people in those forum (in your niche) and see if they start responding to you. If they ask you what you do then that would be the time to let them know.

    It takes a while to get traffic but it seems like its your only option.
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