What Is Everyone Using For Their Affiliate Landing Pages? Unbounce? Lead Pages?

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So newbie here... I want to switch over from client-based to affiliate. I ran a few CPA offers a long time ago when there weren't so many Google rules. I'm wondering if the strategies & tactics are the same. I used Adwords then sent them to a landing page I created in Unbounce. Then they signed up or so converted.

It's a bit confusing with affiliate though since the landing page is a presell page. I'm hearing that some affiliates are collecting emails. How? Don't you have to send users to the advertiser's page where then they'll convert? Thet's where they sign up so you don't actually get their email address.... right?

It's like a whole new realm now. Anything helps. Thanks so much!
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    I'm hearing that some affiliates are collecting emails. How? Don't you have to send users to the advertiser's page where then they'll convert?
    You get them on your autoresponder list first and then you can promote multiple related affiliate products over time.
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      Ohhhh... I had to think about it more. So it looks something more like this?
      Adwords --> Landing Page with sign up form --> Once they sign up you have their email address so then you send them an email with the unique affiliate link? Hrmmm... Very cool. Thank you so much!
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    You're going to lose a lot of conversions forcing traffic to wait on emails when they're already in buying mode (now).

    If you can get traffic on a list, fine, but I wouldn't stand between traffic and an immediate sale/conversion.

    When you go to ebay to buy something, you going to tolerate being forced onto a list and buy next week or you going to click a Buy Now button right now? The same goes for traffic.

    IMO, email list are optional and depend on the situation.
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      Right. Hrmmm... thanks for sharing that with me. I'm a little conflicted now. There r so many different approaches. That definitely opened my eyes more.
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  • It kind of depends on your goals.

    You can use the landing page as a presell page and then link to the offer. Or collect their email by offering a free lead magnet (booklet, report, bonus, hack, training, etc.) and then butter them up through an autoresponder sequence.

    If you're promoting on Google AdWords just be very careful you don't violate any of their rules. Bing is a lot more lenient, in fact, I've had success direct linking on Bing.

    As far as what tools to use, I'm personally a big fan of Clickfunnels - its one of the most popular services out there. However, I know a lot of Affiliates have also had success with InstaPage. InstaPage or Unbounce aren't bad either, you can be successful with any of these services, really depends on the quality of your funnel.
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      Very cool. Man U guys know your sh*t. I could probably see a form submission email auto thing for biz ops and loans... not so much skin or supps... I think.
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    Mostly people use optimizepress or thrive leads. Have a look at clickfunnels too.
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      Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Do you have one that you like more than the others?
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    Yeah, on your landing page you should better describe your offer. At the end of the landing page place a call to action button. For an example: Get Sign Up

    But, once somebody clicks on the "Get Sign Up" button, they will see an optin form to be prompted. Now if I submit my Name & email it will be registered on your Email list & I will be redirected to the offer that you're promoting.

    In a Nut-shell: Adwords > Landing Page (Email Optin) > Your CPA Offer

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      Oh sneaky. Does it deter them away if they opt in and all of a sudden are served an offer page?
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  • You are right when you said there are many different ways of doing affiliate marketing.

    If you can find a way to get someones email that will help with monetizing long term.

    However, if you have a product that converts well, there is no reason not to just set up an ad campaign and run traffic to it. Especially if its a hot product outside your niche.

    That's the nice thing about affiliate marketing, you can use it in whichever way you want.

    Example, I was having a conversation with someone about a specific way to make money online. I suggested a course (that I had personally purchased, and was an affiliate of) that he ended up purchasing and I made $250.

    I cant really replicate that everyday, but you see the point.
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      Oh yes. There's no way to know for sure until I start testing... that's the scary part.
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    Just dropping my 2 cents.

    What is your ultimate goal?

    A one off sale?

    Or the attempt to educate your prospects even more and follow up with them to increase the chance of getting a sale as well as getting future sales from other CPA offers as well as affiliate products?

    The obvious choice will be the 2nd option, thus you need a mechanism of following up a.k.a building an email list.

    So it will be wiser to send traffic to a landing page ( opt in page / squeeze page) first, collect their emails, then only present them with an offer, and finally following up with them via emails.

    Imagine somebody landed on your sales page, decides to do more research, ends up on some other people's blog, and purchase from the other person's blog -> you just lost your customer.

    Regarding page builder:

    There are so many programs out there which can help you build funnels. Depends on your usage and your needs.

    Funnel builders which will need a monthly fee : Clickfunnels, Kartra, ProfitBuilder

    Self hosted landing page builders on Wordpress : Instabuilder, Optimize Press, Thrive Architect

    I find that

    Traffic --> Landing page --> Opt in --> Offer

    will get you more front end sales than sending traffic to an offer but I guess different campaigns work differently and the only way is to test it.
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      This is brilliant! Thanks so much! I was looking into Klaviyo for automated emailing because they have a sequence thing but it looks like they were mostly set up for eCommerce. Any advice on what email marketing tool to use?
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    The Art of Making Money Sending Emails: promoting your product or affiliate's product too.

    The difference is that: now you are brutal selling, and sooner or later you may be banned, adwords has narrowed its policies for direct affiliate product traffic.

    But it's not the worst thing.

    The worst thing is that YOU ARE LEAVING A LOT OF MONEY ON THE TABLE !

    You have to build a mailing list to sell to your audience more than one product, to have a tribe who follow you and TO HAVE AN ASSET.

    What is an ASSET? It's something you can rely on: with a mailing list you have a public of people interested in a niche, and you can build a relationship wih them and sell more than one product.

    In fact you can sum up their value ladder: the value of the lead in terms of what he buys.

    Of course you need an autoresponder: choose what you want, if you're completely newbie better sendlane maybe, which has pre-made opt in pages, or getresponse.

    The money is not in the front end, i mean in what the person buy after clickin on your ads, but in the back end: what he could buy in the future again and again.

    OF COURSE you can have an instant cash reward: after opted in you can redirect the lead to an affiliate offer. What i mean is that after displaying a page where you ask the mail in exchange of a free report, after the person has submitted the mail, you can direct him to an affiliate offer and make instant cash eventually.
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      Sneaky! Do you get a lot of unsubscribers though? I heard open rates are pretty low and how often do you recommend shooting them another offer?
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    I don't know if this helps but my landing page is a 4 field contact page. So if the lead is interested in the service they can be contacted and that's how we can get their emails and phone numbers.
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      Phone numbers huh? Hrmm... never thought of targeting that way. How would you go about that?
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        The contact form only asks for their first and last name, email and phone number. Then someone reaches out to them within 24 hours. Email is usually the preferred way to contact them but if there is no response a specialist reaches the lead by phone number. The niche is to help business owners save money on Adwords and keep their conversions. The service is advertised with affiliate marketing, which has really been helpful.
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