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I have an instagrame account ans I wont to make money from them by making adds for other companys
I wrot this message and I wont to ask you if that works

Hello ; my name is Youssef and I'm a Publisher in a istagrame page (
i have got + 3500 followers and I wont to make an add for your account and company by posting photos or videos for your cameras
I now that my number of followers are small but Here are 5 reasons why you MUST have business with me
- my accounts is still in the beginnig which means that my folowers are 100% not fake
- if you deal with me now the price is not well be very expensive compared with other posters
- if my followers become big which means that your Your customers become big
Look forward to hearing back from you
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  • No, that won't work until you fix your English problems.
    It appears to me that creating ads for others is not a viable business for you unless you get native English speakers to help.

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