I sell Moroccan traditional products in Ebay and I need your advice

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Welcome, dear, how are you?
I am Ousama KERROUMY from Morocco at the age of 18
I started selling on ebay website all about handmade products
Moroccan products have also been attracted to traditional industry, but the percentage of sales remains very weak
So I ask your advice to develop this project
Do you advise me to continue this field on Ebay or should I move to another platform?
And what do you know about the sale of traditional products in the world?
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    Ebay might not be a very good platform for you when you are trying to increase you sales output. Try etsy instead. Items in Ebay usually have to sit for quite some time before it can be sold. It would also be useful to have a site for your products to direct traffic and do marketing.

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    Hi. In answer to your question about the sale of traditional products, I think you have an advantage if your products are relatively unique, as well as being authentically Moroccan. Obviously there are many other factors involved in successfully selling online, but if your products stand out that's always a good thing. People like to see something a bit different, and it means you can differentiate yourself on the basis of something other than price.
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