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Hi all

I recently collected a list of 7000+ Prestashop websites (URLs), i would like to know if there is an automated technic or a special tool app that can allow me to search and extract the email of the website (ex: contact@website.com) from all those URLs in a bulk action !

Thank you guys for reading my matter !
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    Anybody to help please !
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    You need to scan those website and extract open email ID ? If yes, that's possible. You would need a bot to do that. There are many crawlers which can do this for you. A lot of digital marketing guys make use of these.
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    Thank you for your reply,

    If by open email ID you mean the emails that are displayed in the front like in the contact page shown to the public, then yes those emails are what i need.

    Crawlers or Scrappers i keep hearing those terms a lot in this area, is there anyone that comes to mind who's reliable that you would recommand to me. I'd appreciate that !

    Thank you
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    I think Amit over at digital inspiration is what you might be looking for


    You can thank me later!
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    I think you need this product. I had it for a few years and used it infrequently. However, the email extractor can pull in data on urls, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Very fast data scrapper.

    Here is the link to their site: https://www.atompark.com/web-email-extractor
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    Thank you all guys for your responses

    These all seems great tools for this task, but i must assume that they handle mass/bulk extraction of thousands of websites at once ? right ?
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      Hi what software do you use to extract emails. My son is looking to purchase one or if you can do it for him how much would the cost be? he wants to extract lists of Home orgnaizers and property management owners.
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    Check on fiverr if someone can help you. You might need a custom script to extract what you want from data.
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    You can use scrapebox. Check here for more details http://www.scrapebox.com/email-scraper-plugin. This is very powerful tool.
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    Why are you looking to do this? You're not planning on sending these people unsolicited emails are you?
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    Fiverr will cost me a lot of money since the list of emails is long and they might be reused or reselled to someone else, can't take that risk !

    Scrapebox seems to be very helpful and has everything to complete this task, thank you i'll certainly look more into it, it's very intresting !

    @ChrisBa It's a one time email only for each of these users, if they like the content they'll visit my site then subscribe to it if not it will be the last thing they will hear from me !

    It's not use of spamming and resending to the same person over and over again !
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    There are too many Free tool and Google Chrome Extension
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      I couldn't find any free tools that allows you to paste a list of urls in them and start extracting emails for you.

      Would you be kind enough to tell me some names that you have in mind, i'd appreciate it !

      Thank you
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