Calling All Veteran Warriors!!

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Alright hows everyone doing this friday?

Im creating a new post for some constructive feedback from the best IM forum on the web.

I made a few posts in previous weeks asking basic questions about getting started, which made me realize "well damn i have a lot of homework to do!"

So, between work and classes i have spent time learning more about funnels, traffic sources, tracking, and popular verticals.

I was in Hollywood recently for a cryptocurrency conference where i met several heavy hitters in the digital advertising and advertising technology arenas. Luckily i was able to discuss Direct response marketing and CPA with a man who has found great success in the field.

After speaking with him i have decided that this is where I am going to set my focus

id like to ask for feedback on my idea, let me know if im way off course! I have no mentor or friends in this space, so if anyone sees this and is willing to chat i would greatly appreciate it!

My basic idea is this:

By using CPA affiliate networks (i have been approved to work with MaxBounty, would you recommend any other networks?) I will select offers in E-commerce, Pet Industry, and Health and Fitness to promote

I will likely use a page builder such as instapage or clickfunnels to build my landing pages and sales funnels, then from there link to my CPA offer. Toi my understanding, a CPA funnel can go something like this
-advertisement to
-email opt/squeeze page
-thank you page/offer page

I will create ads to be promoted on Facebook to start gathering data. In the future i will explore other traffic sources, but for now i will be sticking to one single source (until my account gets banned!!)

Then finally analyze any data from my advertisements to optimize conversions and scaling

So that's it! that's my very first plan to get started.

I understand that there are many offers that all require different sources of traffic, different advertisements, different everything pending on the offer and so on.

What do you guys think? Any tips to help speed up the learning curve? I refuse to buy a guru course! id rather connect with real people doing real things.

Tonight's the Night, time to take action and test!!!!!!!

Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks!
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    As for the idea,it sounds OK. But one add; do understand that there are some established pro bloggers who are very real and are doing very real things, who offer genuine courses that immensely help you on your journey. Be resistant to inauthentic folks and their offerings, but considering gobbling up premium offerings of rocking, heart-centered folks. I know of more than a few. Just something to keep in mind.
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      thanks for getting back to me ryan. Im sure there are plenty of legitimate courses out there, the trouble is finding them in a sea of rehashed and recycled content.

      As an update, I just submitted my first advertisement for review on facebook. Its not the greatest ad or squeeze page or offer, but i can say its complete and i did it which feels good.

      Dog toy monthly subscription offer, clickfunnels squeeze page, facebook ad targeted at middle aged women in major cities tht like or own dogs.

      i dont expect this to be a winner out of the gate but is this what most people are trying to do? i assume its pretty basic
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Be resistant to inauthentic folks and their offerings,
      Now I know what you mean about having to bite one's tongue. :-)

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    I would consider buying a facebook course / training.

    There is so much to it, that it will likely save you time and money.

    Plus you will likely learn stuff that you will never for free and a lot of what is free is crap.

    Just my 2 cents.
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      thanks diablo, have you come across any that you find worthwhile? maybe i can find one on udemy?
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    has anyone every used adsector?
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    Good plan. Good luck in reaching it
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