Are there any restrictions on creating a dental webpage with affiliate marketing links in the UK ?

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I'd love some advice on my question above. Im an associate dentist , based in the Uk. Ive been looking at trying to create a passive income for some time and have been looking into affiliate marketing via the wealthy affiliate. I know that i need to find a niche for a webpage/blog from which to promote possible products etc and as im a dentist i thought why not a dental advice blog/webpage with links to useful products on amazon..?
However as a professional I would not want to get into any trouble , break any laws etc by using affiliate marketing on my webpage/blog .
can anyone advise me if there are any restrictions and also if this sounds like a good idea that might generate a second income ?

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    First and foremost - do not take legal advice fro a public forum. Half the 'legal' answers you get will be from people in other your own research about commerce laws where you live. Also, look into any restrictions legal or licensing agencies place on people in your professional field

    You need to spend some time reading on this forum...use the forum search to find threads (using keywords like 'passive income' - 'affiliate marketing' - wealthy affiliate (reviews in the review section) - etc.

    "Passive income" sounds good - but it's a common myth for new marketers. There is work involved - and time involves - and perhaps investment involved.

    You don't need a membership in Wealthy Affiliate or other 'system' to get started through some people feel more comfortable if they view themselves as part of a 'group'.

    You might have a viable idea - only way to know is to research the niche and test it.
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    1. Never met a dentist that needed a second income.

    2. Never met a dentist that couldn't afford the services of an attorney.

    Just sayin' . . . . . .

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      I don't need a second income but would like one and I'm just exploring options
      Just saying
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    Disclaimer this is not legal advice and as has been said you should do your own diligence. Now as far as I can remember when I used to have to ensure that medical websites were compliant, it was mainly pharmaceutical sites that sold medicines. That is where the issue is and I believe there had to be an office address there. Also there were certain restrictions on where the sites could deliver medicine.

    Again, I cannot fully remember 100% but unless you are selling medication I think you should be fine.
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    Reading this thread is like Pulling Teeth, and l will Bite the Bullet if l read any more, but nothing to Chew the Fat about or have Bitten off more than l can Chew.

    Ok, l will stop now.

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    Firstly- I am not a lawyer.

    I would think that the BDA would be the first place to ask about what you want to do. I would think they could tell you the legalities of what you do. At least relating to being a dentist. i.e. Can you offer dental advice online? Should you have insurance to protect yourself?

    As you actually are a dentist giving advice there may be some things you need to ensure in a similar way as a lawyer giving advice.

    As far as a blog is concerned and linking to amazon affiliate products. That is done by thousands of people so I don't expect there would be any legal issues in that respect.

    My only thought there is "recommendation". As a dentist "suggesting" dental products you would likely be seen as "recommending" them. So you may need to be very specific to your readers about you being an affiliate and what exactly you are saying about the products. Although you are UK you may want to look at FCA rules (US) as they cover that kind of thing pretty extensively. And of course another question for the BDA.

    On a positive note. As a dentist (presumably qualified) you have the authority to offer advice on the subject. That is more than most bloggers TBH.

    You may want to consider creating your own digital products that offer specific advice on specific dental issues. That has a number of advantages over Amazon affiliate products. Almost certainly more profitable and it is all yours.
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