CPA Marketing Startup Recommendations!!

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Hi there!! It's great being inducted to this thriving community of talented marketers and techs.
I am seeking recommendations for mentorship in launching a successful CPA marketing career with emphasis on content locking.

Please share whatever insights and guidance possible to help in my quest; I'd really appreciate it. I look forward to your responses.
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    What type of mentorship are you seeking. If you are seeking one to one mentoring in CPA you will need to have some deep pockets.

    Find somebody who you know is the real deal and is actually making serious money with CPA. Approach them and ask about mentoring.

    Chances are they will be too busy making money but they could make you an offer, however as I said its likely to be expensive, as it has to be worth their while for them to stop make money while they teach you.

    Before seeking mentoring I would advise that you teach yourself first from all the valuable info here.

    Make mistakes, thats what its all about. By getting your feet wet first, and coaching or mentoring will be more beneficial.
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      Thank you Dave. I am actually intent on having training on how to build and apply the CPA content locking concept. I am willing to have a discussion around personal mentorship with a cost, of course.

      I am newbie in search of actual results. So please, any further help would be great.
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    All right, you could check out on those points, to try to build up your c ampaign,
    Pick an offer,
    chose an ad-network,
    chose an audience,
    build a prelander,
    Drive traffic to your campaign, and it should be all right; One other think yuou could do will be to learn on some tools that could help you to conduct your campaign the simple way. You should check on Trackers, to help you out tracking the quality of the traffic you are driving to all this, but also Spy-tools, to help you out with your analytic, and tests, good luck on this.
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    I think you will need to be more specific to get what you are looking for. Do you know which types of traffic sources you are interested in working with? That's going to be a huge part of what you need to know when selecting a mentor/coach.
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