Do you use ALL of the affiliate emails provided with an offer?

by ncloud
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Some affiliate offers on Clickbank have several emails that you can use on their affiliate tools page. If they have like 13 emails and they're numbered 1 to 13, does that mean you can use all 13 of them in order in your newsletter? Or are you NOT suppose to use all 13? Are they just giving you 13 emails to choose from?

I know you could use all of them in order if you wanted to, I just thought sending someone 13 emails in a row that all link to the same product might be too much. Wouldn't people get sick of being sent to the same product that many times?

Do they intend for you to use all of them in order or what?
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    Originally Posted by ncloud View Post

    Do they intend for you to use all of them in order or what?
    You might be much better served by asking the party offering them.

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    You can mix it up if you want. Those emails are mostly designed to simply sell the affiliate product, so you might want to add in some value, change them around a bit, etc...
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