How to find Health Niche Top Forum or Blog

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I am Newbie In SEO. I am Trying to Find Best Forum and blog for All niche. Can you tell me Any Trick to find out some useful
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    Yes man type top 10 heath forums for example...

    good luck with your seo brother!
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    Hello Experts,

    I am Newbie In SEO. Can you tell me Any Health Forum or blog For generating Backlink over there

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    Type "best [whatever you are looking for] blogs" and "best [whatever you are looking for] forums" into a search. I guarantee you that several websites have already come up with a list of blogs/forums that they consider to be the best in that niche.
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    Thanks Dave for Reply
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    you search in Google like "health" forums
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    If you are a newbie in SEO, it would be wise to invest more time into learning a deeper knowledge and understanding into this. Niel Patel has some great tips you can use for your future strategies.

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    Search "list of best blog submission sites for (your keyword)", you will get a list of blog submission sites.
    Similarly, Search "list of best forum submission sites for (your keyword)" for finding forum submission sites.
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    Search on google for any niches you are interested e.g most popular sports blog, best health article or blog
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      Originally Posted by goddess dynasty View Post

      Always add your real photo and details in your profile. This can help you build strong and long-term relationships with other bloggers.
      And for the thousandth time, how will anyone know they are real? When you write something like this it makes people question all of the information you have supplied in your post. Common-sense must rule the day, or as a marketer, you are sunk.

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