How Pop-Up Window will impact on SEO of any website?

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How will seo get effected by the presence of any popup window in any website, If yes then what to do?
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    yes, pop up affects SEO. And you should customize the time when the pop-up shows. Instead of pop-up shows right after the vistor land the page, you should set the pop-up like after they read whole blog post (scroll down to the end of the page).
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    Well, I think we would need a better understanding of the popup to give a proper answer..
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      Popup can be any window that appears instantly in front of a visitor. It can be alert, confirmation, information or email subscription window.
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    It extremely depends on the kind of pop-up you're talking concerning. in step with official Google Webmasters Central journal pop ups square measure a ranking issue.

    They are cheap as long because the user will read a big quantity of content on the screen as compared to the ads. Pop ups corresponding to those used for cookie policy, age verification or login dialogs square measure fully fine. They won't have any result. Also, little banners at the highest or bottom don't have abundant impact.

    But, if you're exploitation massive pop ups or opening ads, that typically send to app or alternative software package installs, then it's aiming to negatively have an effect on your rankings. So, use caution with the ads you may be business enterprise.
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    I know if you have the pop up that opens up on a new page that is realted to your niche you will not have any issues.

    Let me explain how mine is set up.

    I am currently ranked #1 for the keyword, which is the name of the actual business. I do not know how I accomplished this but I did. I have a javascript pop up that opens up in a new window. I ranked #1 before and after the keyword. After, meaning I waited a month after injecting the pop up and the ranking was still there.

    The pop up is an actual pop up of an affiliate site for clickbank. The page is an internal page which reviews the clickbank product and does not have any other ads or pop ups besides Google Adsense.

    I do not have any backlinks or anything like that. I just wrote a review of the product on my website and it ranked #1 fairly quickly.
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    Originally Posted by Sophia Convay View Post

    How will seo get effected by the presence of any popup window in any website, If yes then what to do?
    Well, personally I never like pop up windows. It is unnecessarily distracting. You think yourself when you are browsing a site, it is so irritating when suddenly a window pops up. I don't even look at it and close it. Same must be true for other browsers...
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    Good exit intent popup improve behavioural characteristics. Users are tired of endless little windows to close but willingly click on the game. I use the commercial app on my sites ( and it converts better than free apps and reduces the number of failures.
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    If you're concerned with SEO, I probably wouldn't use pop-ups. If you do use them, there's a good chance Google will hate you. Furthermore, most website visitors hate pop-ups, too.

    In other words, if you use pop-ups, Google AND your potential customers will probably BOTH hate you. (Does that sound like a winning strategy?)

    Instead, focus on making your site convert better (by having better sales copy) and/or collect more opt-ins (by giving them a freebie that's perceived as being relevant, valuable, and useful).

    Marketing is easy. Here's the secret: Think like a customer instead of thinking like a marketer.

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