Where to promote my referal link about a program

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Hello it is my first post here i just would love your advices about how i can promote a link to writers where they can publush their e books freely in an amazing platform
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    Thank u so much in fact iam bussy all the time so iam not thinking about creating a blog for now
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    You can advertise on facebook
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    Below are a few ways to promote an affiliate link. I hope these 12 ways CHecklist will help and inspire new idea's on promotion. The following are basic, yet very powerful ways to promote.

    Write a review. You can also write about a specific topic that
    your product covers Examples would be Formatting, blogging
    pre-selling with ebooks etc.

    Classified advertising

    Free gift offer

    Articles and guest blog posting

    Personal contacts

    Existing mailing list

    One to one emails

    Social media

    Internet marketers

    forum marketing

    Email signatures

    Youtube videos
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    If you are looking for free ways, the best would linking to it from writer forums and Q&A sites.

    For forums, I'd suggest becoming a respected member of the community first by answering questions. Then, if you see a thread where someone specifically asks about where to publish eBooks for free, you might be able to drop a link without violating the forum rules (again, ONLY after people at that forum already know and trust you).

    Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora probably already have people who have asked about where to publish their eBooks, so you can definitely link to it there. With Yahoo Answers, I believe that you need to answer a certain number of questions first before you can drop a link.

    Other than that, it's social networking (their are writer groups on every social platform) or paying for ads (which can often be more expensive than the money you earn from the link).
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  • You can advertise or approach the writers in article directory, freelance services marketplace or any writer's forum.
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    Hi there you can publish your e-books either on Upwork, freelancer or fiverr. And if thats not your kind of thing you must try amazon Kindle.
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    Run a content rich blog Hamd, build connections by promoting other folks in that niche and sales will eventually flow to you, via your blog, if you are generous and patient.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    Facebook and Google ads.
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    You can also make use of influencer marketing. It should be pretty effective.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    5 Types of Blog Posts to Promote Your Referral Links without Sounding Sleazy

    1. Review your course platform
    2. Give a behind-the-scenes look at creating your course
    3. Round up your favorite business tools
    4. Share an income report featuring your course
    5. Use your referral link inside your e-course
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    -Give out value.

    -You can add your link to an free pdf and give it out

    -Make a youtube video and promote your product (know about it, don't just throw it out there, people aren't dumb)

    -Post on facebook WITHOUT spamming.

    -Blog traffic. Write an article and promote the blog.

    -Come into forums and become trustworthy.

    For example, i'm part of a program that tought me how to do this without spamming, for free, and what i'm doing in this post is exactly what others are doing to succeed.

    Help out. Give and don't expect to receive.
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    You can promote on facebook groups. Groups that want to make money online and interested in the program.
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    Originally Posted by Hamd Ilhamita View Post

    Hello it is my first post here i just would love your advices about how i can promote a link to writers where they can publush their e books freely in an amazing platform
    Facebook ads or ppc would work well.

    Also just connecting with people on social media could help as well
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    besides amazon, they should publish on Barnes and Nobles platform that will get the book in a ton more places and a chance to be in real bookstores too.
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