Need help in improving the blog about SEO. Criticism and advice are welcome!

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Hello. I am in charge of this blog ( for several months.

First I was busy the blog with content, so I did not expect a lot of visits. Now it's been a long time, but still only a small number of people visit the blog.

I'm not asking about the methods of promotion, I'm interested in your opinion about the blog itself.

Maybe, I can improve it in some way? Add something new in the interface?
Hope you can help me
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    The first thing I would do is set up Google Search Console and review the error section. Your site has a few pages that are missing, but have links pointing to them. By fixing this you can hopefully recover a bit of page authority, and depending on the links perhaps some traffic.

    Here is an example of one of the missing pages with links:
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      Thank you for the reply. I know this problem, but nowadays I don't know how to fix it. I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress, so I tried to delete these links, but couldn't find them(
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    The bottom line... your keyword targeting is not helping you any. take " Programmatic Advertising: What Advertiser Should Know About It? " Yoou rank for the exact match of the title... but how do you expect to rank for " What Is Programmatic Advertising? " the answer is your not.. or should I say until you develop some domain authority.

    Maybe think about going after " programmatic media buying " to start with. your a small fish, and you need to swim in a smaller pond. titles like " programmatic buying platforms " or " dsp programmatic " or " examples of programmatic advertising " I think you need to multiply the articles on any given subject, and break them into smaller parts.

    All those pieces become a part of a greater whole and linking within each other is going to help search engines identify that you have a pool of knowledge that is worthy of rank. Basically reduce the swinging for home runs type articles and really dig into each topic with multiple more focused articles that are related to one another
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      Thank you very much! I like your idea and will take care of it.
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    It would be better if you post some unique content.
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      But these articles are unique. Or do you mean some unique personal experience?
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    We would recommend that you submit the blog sitemap AND the rss feed addresses (RSS and Atom) to webmaster console. Also you should employ an expert to submit the RSS feed to as many RSS aggregators as you can find..
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      Okay, thanks! I will take it into account.
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    Spend more time and budget on creating content and content promotion.
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