Can I be part of Amazon affiliate program if I live in a country in which Amazon doesn't exist?

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post in this forum so I hope I'm following all the rules. Basically I have a youtube channel with a couple thousand subscribers, in my channel I make videos about technology related products. I have recently learned about the Amazon affiliate program and I am planning to include links to the products I talk about in my videos. The problem is that I'm a resident of a country in which amazon does not operate, like, there is no amazon page for my country; of course I was planning on using affiliate links of places in which amazon has them (namely Mexico and Spain). Am I allowed to do that? How would they pay me? Is there anything that I'm overlooking?
Honestly I haven't been able to find answers to this question anywhere on the internet so I would love to hear from you guys.

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    No one here can tell you, unfortunately. For starters, you never said where you live so even if someone did know about your country they couldn't tell you.

    The only answer is to try to sign up. Amazon will let you know pretty quickly whether you can do it or not.

    Why waste any more time wondering when you could have the answer in minutes perhaps?

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    The only way to know is to contact Amazon directly. Good luck!
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    Follow-up: Amazon did allow me to do so, the mailing costs of the cheques appear to be on me though
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    Great! Postage costs are just part of doing business.

    Good luck.

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    Yes you can join the online amazon training program with safeducate

    See full detail at:-
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