What is the Spam score?

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Kindly anyone tell me
what is spam score of a website? Is it only includes toxic backlinks or are there other factors to determine spam sore?
Thanks in advance.
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    actually I am also looking for more about spam scores and what I understand is that each website has a different spam score obtained from backlinks
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    The higher a spam score, the more likely the message itself is spam. Spam scores are used by anti-spam software (i.e. Spam Assassin) where it runs the message against a number of tests and assigns a negative or positive point for each given test. A quick Google search can provide you with some knowledge of what a spam score is and how to keep yours low.
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    If you want to test the spam score, let use mail-tester.com
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    I use moz.com/researchtools/ose/ which is very useful.

    Spam score can numerous things include amount of links in your page or if you are excessively using a keyword(s).
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    Same to you, My brother.I am also looking for more about spam scores
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    Hey there,

    The spam score is based off things, such as is your email in html format, does it have supported or unsupported links in it, is the domain name clean, is the ip in good standing with hosting, etc.

    Most email services will offer the chance to test your spam score before mailing out.

    Hope this helps you out
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    Definitely WebHostingUK, I have used the same to check the score of https://www.diebestengutscheine.de/ but I have tried to disavow tool to remove those toxic backlinks. Unfortunately, everything went in vain. It is still showing some toxic backlinks having high spam score to whom I tried to remove using disavow tool.
    Now Google has removed the feature of disavow tool in the latest version of webmaster tool. What should It do?
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    You are getting responses all over the place here because you have not indicated what tool you are using and on what that is giving you a spam score. How about narrowing things down a bit and letting people know which tool you are using that is giving you a spam score?
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    Hii dave_hermansen, I am using Mozbar to check spam score of my website
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    Keep in mind that most spam scores are generated using Spam Assassin.

    If the domain you are sending to isn't using SA, then the score isn't necessarily that relative.

    You should ideally also have seed accounts and send to them and check if your messages are going inbox or spam folder.
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    There are some rules to check spam score
    -Having a Large Site that has very Few Links
    -If a Site has a Vast Number of External Links, it may be spammy - especially for new sites.
    -When pages crawled within a site has small number of internal links, as real sites are considered to rather linked heavily .Absence of internal links is much of a spam signal.
    -Site without Contact Info is scored as spam.
    -Very few amount of Pages Found.
    -Sites with a lot of keyword stuffing is considered as Spammy.

    Hope this helps.
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