Has Anyone "Failed" With A WSO Launch

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I am wondering if anyone here as had what they would call a failure with a WSO Launch?

Mainly, have you paid the money to advertise and sales had been far lower than what you would expect them to be?

If yes, can you define what you did wrong, what would you do differently if you were to do it again?

Its hypothetical so just wondered if you had what you would class as a failure. Whether you had 0 sales, or 100 sales but still regarded it as a failure.

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    Unusual questions for a first post here.

    Of course there are WSO failures - members here don't just send money for anything someone advertises. No different than any other marketplace.

    There are WSO's that don't make back the $20 spent for the ad...but you can't draw conclusions from that. Three are other WSO's that have had good sales for years.

    People will post all sorts of theories of why 'it went wrong' or what someone 'could do better' - but what will that help?

    Someone who has posted here and demonstrated knowledge in some field of IM - will have a better chance than someone with no posts who joined only to sell to members here. People trust those they know - or think they know.
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      Thanks. To be honest I had an account here years back but i cant retrieve the access as I don't have access to that email any more.

      Back then a WSO was the way to get something off the ground, I was wondering how useful they are in this day and age.

      I am building a product which I think provides killer value, but I am of course a little biased.

      I am wondering what the best ways to make it a success are. for instance, should i use WSO Pro or JVzoo? Is the $173 package worth it? Is there really a market for affiliates on a product which is only $27 for a WSO ($67 standard price) even at 50% payout.

      I lost my job due to a company going bust, even though I have been building the course for some time, I have been working hard to get it finished and really need it to be a success. IMO the course is actually worth sever hundred dollars but my idea is that I am selling it for very cheap in order to get people involved with the product, provide serious value and in time to come upscale with a more expensive product. Do you think i am wrong to do it this way?

      Thanks in advance for any advice.
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