Is content an alternative to SEO|SMO|SMM?

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I have been dealing with both content as well as SEO|SMO|SMM. I came across thing such as original content makes website visible in top results that to even without performing SEO. Then How can we increase its effectiveness? or providing a good content can work?

My emphasis here is , are we not wasting energy if we are providing both content and performing SEO. (if client thinks it is then its okay, but can SEO itself can raise the websites as compared to content only websites?)
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    Why worry about something that can be done at the same time? It's more of being strategic. You can still write original content, with all its fluidity and "authenticity," and keep it optimized.
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    Hi Pinacle Web India,

    It's not one or another. Both content and SEO campaign, work best together.

    Actually, content is just a part of a good SEO campaign.

    Then you have other important factors to rank a page, as building a strong brand, build authority in your niche around your site, etc. etc.

    Focusing on content alone will be difficult for a site to stand out.

    You have to consider all the factors if you want a site to perform at his highest potential.

    Hope that makes sense to you!

    Wish you all the best!


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    epregelg is absolutely correct. You need good, high quality keyword optimized content with proper SEO work, meaning good meta tags and inbound links.
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    SEO|SMO|SMM is an exceedingly competitive industry. You won't be ranked within few days. Be patient and provide consistent, high quality content.
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    Content and SEO is not a one or the other proposition... You perform SEO on Content. The whole idea of just write and write and write and over time you will have success is an absolute line of BS that was started somewhere from someone that did not understand SEO.

    You hear / read stuff like write for the reader and and write fluidly.. but STAY AWAY from SEO because then it sounds like a robot is writing it.. again this is BS. When you are optimising a page.. you are looking to manage the title.. Alt tags on image.. the URL.. maybe some meta tags.. ensuring some keywords are in the article... NONE OF THIS changes the way an article is written.. of the 5 I just listed only 1 of them has anything to do with the actual written content.

    Aside form all of that.. there is aspects of SEO as a whole that if not done lead to the waiting game.... finding keywords to target, and understand WHY you are targetting them is an essential part of SEO. Being able to go into GA and say hey I am getting a lot of clicks for X maybe I need to write a piece of content targetting that term specifically is kinda pretty critical to success... And for those of you wondering " GA " is Google Analytics.

    Developing a minimal onpage SEO strategy can only help what it is you want accomplish.. and more than likely get you there sooner.
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