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what are the beginning requirement to be a successful digital marketer?
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    Originally Posted by Megha Parmar View Post

    what are the beginning requirement to be a successful digital marketer?
    What type of digital marketing are you interested in?

    I'm sorry but this is a very broad question and very difficult to answer. I'm honestly not even really sure what you are getting at.
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    Originally Posted by Megha Parmar View Post

    what are the beginning requirement to be a successful digital marketer?
    Generally speaking:

    1-Knowing what to sell
    2-Knowing who is your target audience and where they are
    3-Knowing HOW to sell it.

    Chose something you would like to sell (best if you have faith in the product, don't try selling something you don't know, like or trust).

    Figure out who your target audience is (some product vendors have detailed data analytics on their customers, which can help you)

    Figure out WHERE they are. Promote the product, this is basically getting traffic, and there are million ways to do that

    Hopefully this was helpful.
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    You need first Social media marketing, Social media management, SEO for starting digital marketing.
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    A few ideas Megha...

    1 - Be passionate about digital marketing. Passion fuels you.

    2 - Pick 2-3 heart-centered digital marketing mentors to show you the way.

    3 - Invest in a helpful DM course.

    4 - Create helpful content.

    5 - Build meaningful friendships with other digital marketers.

    These are some fundamentals to follow, to get started.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    1. Know what you are passionate about.
    2. Know the things you are expert on.
    3. Think as if you are the customer: should I buy this product/ service?

    Start by knowing your niche. Once you have that, you are able to understand all the digital marketing blogs Google offers.
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    Digital Markeing is a way to promote our services and product easily through the internet.
    There are so many platform where you can learn many new things about digital marketing to be a successful.
    Some Important skills are required for successful in digital marketing.
    1.Communication should be good.
    2.Good Knowledge about the digital marketing.
    3.You should be passionate about the digital marketing or towards your work.
    4.You must know what your clients want.
    5.what type of the services they want.What there interest.
    6.How to give that services to clients.
    7.You must passionate about your work.
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    - Project management skills
    - Creative content creation skills
    - Customer-oriented mindset
    - Financial management skills
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    The question is quite broad as 'digital marketing' covers a great deal of things.

    It depends on what you want to do. There are several avenues you can take.

    1. Affiliate marketing. This is a great way to earn money online. The downsides are that it takes time to build a list and get organic rankings. In addition you need to keep up to speed with the latest in organic SEO procedures as organic rankings and a loyal following are the key to making the kind of money that really makes a difference.

    2. Client SEO & PPC. Again, you need to have the knowledge in order to rank and improve your clients websites. There are a lot of snake oil salemen in that world who give the industry a bad name, promises of No1 rankings etc and not delivering on promises. Don't even consider this route unless you have the knowledge to deliver or you will be dead in the water in months.

    3. Social Media marketing. This IMO is slightly easier to learn than SEO, although still a lot to learn. If used correctly you can increase your clients leads and sales which is obviously the aim.

    4. Product Creator. You can build our own products. Of course you need knowledge to do this, but this is a hugely profitable. To make a success of this you need to build a hungry list and following. You can then market it by affiliate marketing, your own funnels and ads (Facebook etc).

    If you are just starting out then you need to invest your time in training. There is a lot of great free stuff out there in blogs and YouTube. If you want to get a fast track to getting setup then you need to invest in a relevant and comprehensive course for your chosen route.

    New Course - Master Level Funnels - Get Multiple High Paying Clients While Living Life On Your Own Terms

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  • You must be keen to learn and take action to try one thing you passionate about at a time. Don't be greedy and get overwhelmed.
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    analyzing skill, ability to search and learn around, and let's make some excersise with projects
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    There are some courses online which teaches you how to market digital products but not all are good. It is sometimes very difficult to differentiate between the good ones from the bad ones. I think that the first step that you take in digital marketing is the most crucial. It must be a step in the right direction. I hope what I share with you here is helpful to you. Do check out this for yourself. It will help you greatly.
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    Originally Posted by Megha Parmar View Post

    what are the beginning requirement to be a successful digital marketer?
    Which sector do you start? Fully online thinking mind and creativity is more needed.
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    In the very beginning I think a person should put time and effort as well as find ways to work on all aspects of Digital marketing namely SEO,Social media marketing,PPC,Email marketing,search engine marketing ,web analytics and inbound marketing.This can be done by joining a full service digital marketing agency
    in the beginning of your career.And subsequently move to in-house or keep continuing in an agency and choose a specialisation you feel you are best at.
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    1. Communication should be good.
    2.Good Knowledge about the digital marketing
    3. Find a market
    4.Build a product that solves problems of your market
    5. Sell
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    You should know about clear concept about all digital marketing like,
    Search Engine Optimization - Organic or Free Way
    Search Engine Marketing - Paid
    Social Media Marketing - For product or Service Branding
    Email Marketing - Emails
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    From my own humble experience in marketing, these two points are the major

    1 - How to reach a specific audience (targeting).
    2 - How is your marketing presented to your audience (appeal).

    The rest is up to your audience. Their reaction will decide if your marketing is a success. Other points will help, but they won't be major factors.
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    Have consistency and patience.
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    To be a successful digital marketer starts from having the right mindset, don't think of money which is what most do and fail, think of helping to solve peoples problems.

    It happened to me and I'm speaking from personal experience it's all about having the right mindset once you get that then everything else begins to fall into place.
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  • Being a successful digital marketer is no different than being successful at any other business. You need to be willing to learn through education and experience and be willing to work hard.

    Learning how to connect with people through the written word or videos will help in the digital world.
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    you need to first understand the digital marketing strategy.

    Quick a look at DM strategy:

    Identify your target Audience.
    Identify where they are active upon.
    What kind of content they are consuming.
    Content creation.
    Content distribution.
    Content measurement.
    Content optimization.

    Also stay updated with latest seo algorithms.
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    Hi Megha,

    It totally depends on passion and skills.
    Like if you have good writing skills then go for Content writing, blogging
    If good in social media media stuff, social media marketing is good to learn.
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    you can choose to become a digital marketer by;

    1. Enrolling for a course in Digital Marketing.
    2. Learning Digital Marketing for free Online(Google, digitaldeepak.com, soravjain.com, etc.)
    3. Do an internship for a few months.
    4. Build your Wordpress blog(my favorite).
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    First of all tell me what you going to be selling or which offers you'll be promoting?

    Andy P - Affiliate Marketer, Mentor and Youtuber
    Click Here to Know How I went from $0 to $100000 in 10 Months

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    First of all you need to have a list of target customers. If, you can locate them and put them in your list, later you can send them mails to market your product. One mail never works, so you have to send several reminder mails before a real sale. An autoresponder is must for that. I can suggest you a free one. One most important thing is to track the places of getting sales. So that you can concentrate promotion to those places. There is another software for that. You can try it for free for two weeks.

    Video tutorials on YouTube & Forum Marketing for free

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    You can either choose to join an institute to get trained in digital marketing or you can choose to learn digital marketing on your own. I am sure most of the people on this forum would have also self-learned digital marketing.

    There are various free digital marketing training programs offered by Google, digitaldeepak.com, soravjain.com, etc.

    All the best.
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    It's a great time to start digital marketing, because this is one of the fast growing and incredibly competitive industry. You need to increase your approach first and target the relevant audience. Keep updated with the latest websites and stay connected with influential people on social media.
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    10 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career
    Get to grips with social media. Digital marketing is more than just finding the perfect filter for your selfies. ...
    Build your LinkedIn profile. ...
    Join a networking group. ...
    Find a mentor. ...
    Stay up to date with the latest trends. ...
    Start a blog. ...
    Understand how analytics work. ...
    Take some online courses.
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    As you know, nowadays digital marketing is replacing an old marketing strategy,
    firstly you decide what kind of marketing you want target
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