5 Fundamentals for Internet Marketing Success

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Hey Guys....Wanted to write a post for the scores of new IMers hopping on Warrior daily. And for struggling folks who've been in the game for years, and need a refresher.

I've been IMing for 10 years and live what some say is a somewhat fascinating life This is what I did to mold that life. I also attended Affiliate Summit East a few days ago to see four high level bloggers chat about blogging and IM success so wanted to recount their tips resonant with my tips.

Note; this journey gets scary at times but following these tips makes it a largely fun deal that feels really, really good to work. Enjoy the ride; see worldly success.

1: Pick a Niche that Ties Passion with a Problem

Syed Balkhi is an 8 figure blogger. He noted at ASE how he picked the Wordpress niche because he felt passionate writing about it. Plus it solved a budding problem; lack of Wordpress resources. Ditto for Zac Johnson, John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker. All blogged mainly to have fun; some spotted problems for solving well into their careers. Mr Money John Chow started off blogging for fam and friends mainly, and even did some food blogging. He only found the MMO prob well into his online career.

Passion fuels you, makes you patient, detached, persistent and willing to learn. Solving a problem connects you to readers.

2: Build 1 to 1 Bonds

Alonzo Pichardo invites me to speak on his podcast. At least for the last year. For like 7 episodes - all uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud (save 2 not uploaded on YouTube) - the episodes registered over 600,000 plays/listens.

I didn't sit here and think about how I could individually get 600,000 plays/listens on my podcast. I only have about 2,000 for mine. But I make friends all day long by serving people, 1 to 1, commenting genuinely on their blog, promoting them, endorsing them, sans expecting anything.

Many of these people become my friends, and these friends help me succeed, as I help them succeed. The strongest, most genuine, success-building bonds are built 1 to 1, through generosity.

3: The Money Is Not in the List

The list is a collection of numbers. Numbers are inanimate objects incapable of doing anything. A number never bought my eBook or interviewed me for Forbes. Human beings buy my eBook and interview me and promote Blogging From Paradise.

The money is in:

- your clarity aka non-resistance in receiving money
- your willingness to practice and develop a skill, every day, for the next 1-3 years of your life
- relationships you build 1 to 1 with humans

Money is just a means of exchange. Neutral. It responds to your clarity around receiving money, your willingness to develop problem solving skills and your bonds with humans, 1 to 1.

Building a list can help you develop bonds, but it is the human beings receiving and reading your emails, not numbers, that buy your stuff, and they buy based on your clarity around receiving money and your carefully developed IM skills.

4: Create and Connect

Create helpful content and build meaningful connections.

This is a simple but sometimes highly uncomfortable tip to follow in IM because most folks - old me included - are addicted to outcomes, vibing mainly from fear.

Example; after creating this post I have 200 other things to do today, in terms of creating helpful blogging tips content and building meaningful connections with bloggers. I could care less if 2 or 25,000 people read it because my intent is to help and cut strings to outcomes. I keep creating and connecting, which helps me be in many places at once, which drives blog traffic and profits because I am helpful and familiar (aka everywhere) to many people.

The tools and channels change or morph, but creating helpful content and befriending people in your IM niche by helping them without looking for anything in return, these are 2 rock solid fundamentals of long term, lasting, ever expanding IM success.

5: Scrap the Employee Mindset to Be an Entrepreneur

Almost every single Warrior dove into IM thinking more like an employee than an entrepreneur, save few who ran businesses as kids.

Goodness knows I did.

How employees think: "Through my singular effort, I will work 40 hours this week to receive money every Thursday."

How successful entrepreneurs aka IMers think: "Through helping people and building my friend network, I will serve people daily for the next few years to have fun, to help folks and to be in a million places. I know the money will come so won't worry about it; my intent is to keep having fun and to keep helping people."

This one is about the most difficult tip guys. Just look at Warrior; newbie or struggling IMers explain how they worked X hours X weeks or X years, and still, no money. Still mired in employee mode of working X hours and getting paid X money.

Meanwhile, the most successful IMers don't complain about working since the work is the reward. They have fun helping people and making friends, and as they devote most of their energy to giving, they build their skills, become connected, seem to be in 30 million places, and all their giving and service leads to steadily increasing getting, aka, more and more money, traffic, clients. All because they did not panic and dive back into employee mode after a week, month or year.

This IM gig is so freaking fun, rewarding, freeing and fulfilling, if you follow these tips and hug your fears along the way guys. I was an unemployed, depressed security guard over a decade ago. Now I have seen the world and help people become pro bloggers.

Anybody who wants to have fun, to be free and to help folks can do this.

If you ride out those uncomfortable feelings and learn from generous, skilled, heart-centered folks how to do IM from a fun, loving, prospering, patient space, the world is yours.

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    Awesome read Ryan!! You're always adding so much stuff, (i know cause you've personally responded to my concerns a few times already). Had to rip out the pen and paper on this one
    Thanks so much!
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    Give them what they want
    Once you have a clear understanding on your target group, the next step is simple-find out what they want and create products or services they need. Once you know your market well, it's easy to find areas where there is a performance or quality gap that you can fill.
    build your website with high quaily content

    Pick the Right Promotion Method

    Deliver the Goods on schedule
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    Interesting concepts.

    I think most would agree, to make money - solve a problem.

    Also some good insights into building a list, just building a list alone does not guarantee success.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sid Owsley
    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing these tips especially the ones about adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and scraping the employee mindset as well as creating content that adds value to people's lives and not worry about the money because the money will come. It's so easy to get caught up in the money mode because many of us do come from an employee, exchange time for a paycheck every two weeks background. It's what is taught to us by the general society. Most people caught up in this mindset would never dream of doing any work unless they're paid to do it.
    As you mentioned giving without expectation of outcomes is the way to give and add value to people. I think this is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you start your entrepreneurial journey and must be kept in mind if we want to be successful. If we're struggling with finding online success maybe it's because we aren't giving enough by helping to solve problems and expecting nothing in return.

    Awesome post, thank you.

    Enjoy your outcome!
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