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I wanted to know thoughts from those who have experience showing up to events locally to make new contacts and network for more business.

Is this form of networking still worth it like it may have been years ago before social media took force?

One of my initial opinions is that it's more impersonal than even cold calling individuals from companies.

I say that because at least when you cold call, you can research that person to learn more information about them. That helps warm them up faster and gives you a 50% chance of advantage to a successful call.

At an event, you have no clue who will be there until you pick a conversation in hopes it clicks.

Maybe list some pros and cons if you can.

I'd love to hear the experiences.
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    Yes, IMO you will almost always get more from people you meet in person than just online. Keep in mind you need to give as well.
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    I attended Affiliate Summit East in NYC for the 2nd time Mike and gotta rocked! As do in person events.

    BUT....I do it differently than most folks. As Chris noted...give! I give, and connect, and share, and listen, making me stand out. I recall talking to someone who was nice enough but a newbie who offered me a business card that offered a squeeze page. Trashed and forgotten. But me and my online buddy Kulwant Nagi met offline for the first time there, and I listened and listened and chatted.....then I wrote a blog post about him, based on our meeting.

    Days following I noted a flurry of opportunities flow my way. Many not thru ASE. Giving freely is no 1 to 1 deal. Being generous helps your entire marketing campaign, from all directions.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Thanks for chiming in.

    I'm a bit of an introverted person, but I will definitely plan to get some meetups going.

    I know face to face is still very much alive and that personal response is very much needed these days.

    Technology has nearly ruined personal communication between people and building true relationships.

    Looking forward to getting out there once I get myself launched.
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    When going to local events I would focus on collecting cards and not just forcing everyone to take yours.

    Then, shortly after the event, send them an email and say "We met at the blah blah event." Or give them a call. A hand written card will probably get read because who does that any more?

    Tell them quickly what you do and let them know you'd be thrilled to meet with them to discuss how you can help them market their business better.

    A lot of small business people prefer to work with another local.

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    Hey There,

    I have attended a few events both locally and out of state.

    It is a great way to network (in person) with people in your niche.

    I'd recommend finding different groups of people and mingling with them a bit chat a little industry and non industry chat, then move on.

    Not only do you meet more people that way, but more opps will flow your way.

    People respond better to your opps when approached because you spent time with them at events, and remind them, when initially contacting them, about what you all did at the event, GOLDEN.
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