Buying organic traffic for SEO really works ???

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we have a website and We are using all the Technics to optimize it.
there is a website in our country THAT SELLS ORGANIC TRAFFIC. I mean this website has a large number of users who search for query and click on search results daily.
unfortunately all of our opponents are using this service and because of that The target keyword is searched more than 500 times a day.
we are not using it and then we receive only 5 clicks daily and our CTR has dropped.

Unfortunately, the trick works on Google, and we dropped from the top 3 to the top 10.
What should i do ? should i buy traffic like them ?
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    Try it for a short time to prove that website is true, and you can eliminate your dilemma.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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      Thank you for your answer, but this is really ridiculous.
      Google must have an algorithm to understand this
      One of our competitors is buying organic traffic with the brand keyword too and it is #1 or #2 now in most of the keywords.

      No content!
      No Backlink!
      only manipulating user experience !!!
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      The website that sells organic traffic offers settings that allow you to set the time on landing page.
      Also, the number of pages the user opens after entering the site.
      It's ridiculous!
      Based on our rival Alexa, each visitor stays on their site at an average of 40 minutes and visits 10 pages on their website. (this is average!!!)
      this site has no backlinks or content

      If Google can not get ahead of it, SEO is over!
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    If you're paying for it, then I wouldn't consider it organic traffic.

    I'm not really sure what you're selling or promoting. But why not try it to see if it gives you a positive ROI
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      i have tried it bro!
      it works !
      this is my search analytics in search console:

      as you see, google is not able distinguish this type of traffic and organic traffic, my brand was searched 0 and now a lot more !!!
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    How can you buy "organic traffic"? You pay someone to visit? Or you use bots?
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      we pay a website for 500 clicks!
      the website has 10000 users and pay users for each click
      Each day, the website tells 10 users (randomly) to click the "X" keyword in Google and click on the "Y" result. (for 50 days = 500 clicks = money we have paid)
      This system adds to the user's account everyday per clicks.
      That is, the money we have paid to the website is distributed among the users.
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