Does affiliates links affect to rank this website?

by VTC
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I have a question regarding about how affiliate links can affect to the rankings. Details below.

I've been trying to rank this site from around 2 months now, correct On-page, new content periodically, good internal and external link building, but tracking the keywords with Semrush position tracking tool I have been seeing a crazy fluctuation, some days strong or weak keyboards (it did not matter) where reaching the first page and two days after dropping 90 positions... 3 days after again up 80 position... The homepage have around 10 links and 600 hundred words.

I have checked real canonical and a hundred of possibilities and the only reason I can find here is the number of affiliates links I have per page.

Do you think it can be the reason why I get penalized all time?
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    Check out this explanation about google and affiliate links.

    You can take some measures about the affiliate links by adding a no-follow tag.

    But your penalizations are not related to the mere affiliate links, that's for sure.

    So look somewhere else for thr cause to this ranking effect.
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      Where would you look?
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    Thanks for the explanation.

    So don't you think that crazy fluctuation (I never get to go up 1% of visibilty in SEMrush) or penalization is due to the number of affiliates links?

    We even have affiliates links in the partner logos, headers, slider, so not just in the CTA button. Also original content, articles, etc.
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    When you want to add affiliate links, you should add "nofollow" ref to those links. I think that's better way to protect your ranking.
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      They are nofollow
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    If an affiliate link counts as a backlink for your website, which could adversely impact your search engine optimisation.
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      Even if they have nofollow tag?
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    new content periodically

    How frequently VTC? Daily?

    Is the content 100% on topic for your site?

    If folks in your niche publish helpful content more frequently they can kick ya out of your SERPs.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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      I haven't reached first positions yet, the keywords fall before to reach the first page so I would not say that is the problem.

      I never get more than 1% of visibility measured by position tracking tool of SEMrush with a good backlink profile so obviously, I am getting penalized.

      Actually the competitors produce same or less ammount of content than me.
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    I would say that your pages are experiencing what I would call the " Google Dance ". I would also consider this a way for Google to A/B test new pages vs existing ones. I am sure they are looking at things like CTR and time on page etc to determine if new content is better or worse than the existing content.

    Basically if your content is up down up down up and then down for good.. it wasn't better
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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      I hope is that, anyway it was doing the same fluctuation for almost 3 months now
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    Can the affiliate link that I have in the header banner be hurting?
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