Is there any sites for cheap signups on dating or adult offers ?

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Hi , I want to know if there are any sites which do that !
or microworker sites ( micro tasks ) which accept adult or dating offers
and if you can provide me a list of sites where I can to ask to do micro tasks ( not adult ) for geotraffic from USA and West Europe
thanks already )
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    For developed countries like in US, West Europe, it's rarely for people to work on microworks.
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      thanks for answer !
      I understand that but at sites like they provide us from USA and west Europe , but they don't accept dating or adult sites !
      Are there any other sources ?
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    What are you trying to do again?? Get people to sign up for dating sites? I hope you are not trying to cheat an affiliate network, because it won't work.
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      why it won't work !!?
      It work very good , but need to optimize all things
      I just need microworkers site or buxs that accept dating or adult
      for example I know some site they work in Russia and from Russia but I need from other countries too !
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    Yeah, I found such website earlier. Something like SPdate... but, unfortunately, I forgot the name of it. By the way, the one aforementioned is ok, too. Simple and convenient. Here is a review if you got interested,
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    I didnot understand your concern correctly But, anyways check it out HerBodyBank if you are looking for cheap adult dating sites.
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