Hi! New member here, just getting my feet wet.

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...a gecko emerges in the wild, scurrying along the rocks of a brave new world, trying not to get eaten by the birds...

Hello everyone.

I did content creation for about 2 years after leaving the oilfield, while working on my books. Fiction is my passion, but at the moment at least, it don't pay the bills. I'll add some cool stuff to my sig line soon, but I wanted to jump on and say something before my account goes stagnant.

So anyway, I gained quite a bit of experience writing PLR articles before, and I like creating content that will make end-users happy (vs some of the "free gifts" I've gotten from lead magnets that disappointed). I'm restructuring just about everything in my life right now, from how I'm prepping my homestead property to how I release books, to pivoting my personal publishing company to make it something awesome (Gecko Print Publishing).

I decided that since this was a skill I'd already cultivated, I'd pick up on it and try to do it from the business side. The learning curve is still quite stiff, but I'm getting ready to launch my first JVzoo ebook very soon here, and I have a rather large product coming behind it that will be broken and grouped into several products. I did the best I could with some licenses, and just pushed something out to learn the process. I resisted asking questions here and elsewhere, preferring to leave bruises all over my skull learning things the hard way, with only some samples from a previous client to go from.

Looking forward to turn my content creation into full-time employment, as I believe as hard as the market might be, it's probably easier than selling fiction books. In the meantime, looking to network, make friends, interact, etc. If there's anything my writing skills could help you with, don't hesitate to reach out to me and we can chat. I'd rather work on my own projects, but if something looks cool and I can help make it shine, sometimes I'll take a closer look, especially if it means making friends in a space where I'm a relative nobody.

Nice to meet you all, comments welcome. I'm here to meet and greet, so say hi!
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    Cool! Start reading.

    Right now everyone's voice will seem of equal value. As you get experience with the forum you'll develop some discernment about who resonates with you and who doesn't. In a couple months, if you stick around, you'll notice a member posting and jump to look at what they're saying regardless of the topic!

    The Search function is powerful and mightily underused. If you identify a specific topic, give it a run through Search...there are many years of expertise here and most business principles remain consistent. Some techniques may change, but fundamentals are eternal.

    In your case you'll probably want to focus on how to get a consistent source of people interested in your content creation service going to a place where they can find out more about you. There, they can either sign up to learn more, or buy a service. That's called traffic and conversion...business fundamentals.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the tips. The search function tends to be my default on forums for a long time before I start posting questions, unless there are silly circumstances happening around me. Waiting on an answer in a forum isn't usually the proactive solution.
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  • K, you got a sincere & generous welcome pitch, which kinda helps.

    Plenty people storm in here makin' all kindsa demands while simultaneously offerin' zilcho.

    Like Jason says, jus' bumble around -- this place got evrythin' from the ultra lucid Copywriter area to the beyond wacko Mind Warriors telepathy experience.


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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      Give me the keys to the universal moneybank! I demand it! hehe.

      I can imagine. I plan on browsing a bit more as I get time. I looked all over for the very best forum to look at for the new markets I'm opening in, and this seemed to be the spot, so here I am. Hopefully I'll have something valuable to offer back to the communities. I can only share what I think and have learned.
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