Followers stooped abruptly on Instagram.

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I was getting a few hundred followers a week, sometimes in a day. It ended at the first of the year. I am lucky to get two a day now. I think something has been governed by Facebook as the new owners. It is obvious the algorithms have changed the growth for some reason. They are not affecting all accounts, only select ones. I don't post anything except art work and associated things to it. I stopped following several people because of political posts. That's the only change in the few years I've had the account. The unfollow coincides with the timeline of my account seeming to be frozen.
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    Don't base your online empire in someone else's walled garden. I learnt my lesson from the rise and fall of HubPages.

    Also don't post political stuff or heavily opinionated stuff unless you're running a politics feed. I have a strict unfollow rule for anyone who posts stuff against my political beliefs. But it's probably an algo change that has affected you.
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    Any time there is a huge update on Instagram (there is one going on right now), lots of accounts see huge drops in engagement and exposure. My advice would be to keep on posting content, use hashtags (less relevant now than before) and post more videos.

    If you are posting art, try to get creative, use apps like Werble or Plotagraph to make your posts stand out. These apps convert still images into a few second videos. You can add smoke effects, fire, and other cool things. I've used them to grow multiple accounts past 50K follower range.
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      Why are hashtags less relevant than before?
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        Since I'm running a digital marketing agency we conduct tests on a daily basis. Instagram has figured out the way to tell if your content is good enough to be shown to more and more people or not. Using hashtags will not do you any good if your content isn't great and isn't causing people to react to it.

        We have seen some of our post get 10K+ views and only 100 people come from hashtags. So they are responding to everyone's complaints about not showing posts to their followers, but at the same time they are shadowbanning your posts from people looking at the hashtags that you tagged, even harder.

        On the other hand, we have done plenty of testing where we post without hashtags, and the posts do much worse than the ones with hashtags. Even though the relevance of using tags has decreased, I would highly advise to keep using them, just don't depend solely on hashtags. Focus on content and potential for virality.
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          Sounds like Facebook. We went through a big announcement of similar changes there several months ago. It hurt handmades sellers and makers and those who have business pages.
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