Is there any character limit for domain?

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I am planning to build a website to promote my business. For that, I need to purchase a domain. Is there any limitations in characters?
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    The limit is 63 characters between the www. and the .com, .org or whatever TLD.

    There are some domain registrars that have their own lower limit though.
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    You should not be thinking about how many characters you are allowed in a domain name. What you should be thinking about is how to make it memorable. Normally, the shorter, the better (would you want to type in 63 characters every time you wanted to visit a website?)

    Oh, and try to get a .com TLD. If you get anything else (.net, .us, .biz), many people will always remember it as a .com, regardless of what it really is. That usually means the .com with the same name gets all of what should be your returning visitors.
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    Try to make it as shorter as possible. Shorter domains are easier to memorize. Try to go with .com
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    Apparently the forum has a 59 character limit, before requiring a space. I tried. Thwarted by the technology. :-)

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