Advice for a beginner wanting to learn basic marketing/social media management

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what kind of certifications are a MUST do you recommend a beginner to learn on the side? I know there's a whole list to choose from such as Google Adwords, Analytics iq etc. Any pointers and advice on where to start? Things to avoid?
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    Originally Posted by harrykane140693 View Post

    what kind of certifications are a MUST
    No certifications are required.

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    Nothing Just start ..if you have any issue ask here again and again
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      Yes.I agree with you.If somebody wants learn .she or he should try and try a lot
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    You don't need a certification to start playing online game. Having said that there are ton of FREE courses online that you can check it out. Especially the ones from Google, Hubspot & Semrush. Here is a quick tip: learn by doing. Make mistakes , fail fast, that is the only way you can shine in the online marketplace.
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    $Hanandaner ...nice advice

    And here on warriorforum you can learn from others mistakes it on daily basic you can get half of idea how to start
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  • Just check out this forum and check out YouTube on the topic and start applying.

    The online industry changes all the time, but if you can learn the basics you can adjust as the times change.
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    No need for a cert HK - great WC by the way - but a willingness to:

    - follow your passion
    - tie the passion to a core problem
    - learn SM from pros; pick 2-3, follow their blogs, buy their courses, read, take notes, study
    - create helpful content
    - build connections

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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