I want to do marketing for my business ,which is better?Traditional or Digital Marketing ?

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How should I choose between digital marketing and traditional marketing?
Which among the two will be more effective?
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    Digital Maketing
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    In this age, digital marketing exceeds traditional marketing many folds. Traditional marketing won't be going away anytime soon, but digital is more effective if you know how to use it to target your audience.
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    Originally Posted by Flavia Dsouza View Post

    How should I choose between digital marketing and traditional marketing?
    Which among the two will be more effective?
    About Flavia Dsouza
    I am Flavia D'souza from Goa India. I aquired my Bachelor of Engineering degree from Goa College of Engineering in Information Technology field. Currently I am pursuing Digital Marketing and Web Development training at Optimized Infotech Kothrud Pune. You can visit www.optimizedinfotech.com
    Digital Marketing Executive

    According to your Bio you are already a digital marketing executive ? where to from here ?
    | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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    If you want short time result you will go with digital marketing.
    If you want permanent and stable solution for your business then you should go with traditional.
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  • Use both traditional and digital marketing to promote your offers. Both have there place in your marketing toolkit.
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    Of course Digital marketing. because The number of internet users in 2018 is 4.021 billion. Digital marketing reduces the marketing cost by 70to 80%. Many major companies have already moved to digital marketing. if you don't know what is digital marketing please join for a digital marketing course
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    Of course, no one asked important questions before answering such as "what kind of business do you have?"

    For example, a guy with a car washing service in a tiny town may get much more traction by focusing on local marketing while still doing some online basics. Having a billion people on FB won't help him at all, in this case, but some brochures put under windshields at the local grocery store parking lot may.

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    As per my opinion digital marketing . because as know everybody uses cell phone and having laptops and conected with the internet in this world ,watching TV , So you can easily share everything to everyone. Traditional marketing having some limitationns .
    In this you are only avail to cover up a region or say small region but with the elp of digital marketing you are avail coverp the whole world .
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    -Digital marketing is the best option to advertise your business.
    -Using backlink building on the third-party website you can drive traffic to your website and make more leads it may convert to clients.
    - By posting on social sites you connect to many people and can explore your product.
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    Pick the niche you feel passionate about Flavia. It'll be the better niche for you.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It depends on what you are marketing! Digital marketing is gaining popularity because of its ease of accessibility and good reach of the audience.
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    Well i think it depends on what type company you have for example id you have a software company of course its beeter to advertise online but if you have a meat store for example of course traditional marketing will work better as people dont search online n how to buy meat
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    In Digital Marketing, you should have a website for your business and then do SEO to have a good position in organic search like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
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  • A book that I found very valuable in understanding ALL the marketing channels available and determining which ones to test/pursue for your business is the book "Traction" by Mares and Weinberg.

    You can read each chapter and get a 101 view of all the IM and traditional marketing mediums that you can pursue and think in your head after each chapter if that medium would make sense to pursue for your business.

    Might help you better understand all the options available to you!
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    It will depend on the type of business that you have.

    If you have an online type business, digital marketing is going to be very effective.

    If your business has nothing to do with tech or the internet, such as a local grocery store or pizza shop, you might want to look into traditional marketing.
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    Originally Posted by Flavia Dsouza View Post

    How should I choose between digital marketing and traditional marketing?
    Which among the two will be more effective?
    I would assume most people on this forum would recommend digital.

    What are you thinking right now? What are you trying to promote?
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    Digital Marketing is the best option for marketing of your business as you know almost all are using internet and everything is getting online, so it is easy for the buyer to purchase anything and for the seller too.

    In Digital Marketing there are some modules or methods through which you can sell your product or services. They are:-

    Search Engine Optimization (organic/free)
    Pay Per Click (paid)
    Social Media Marketing
    E-mail Marketing
    Affiliate marketing
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    What are some good Digital Marketing resources?
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    Lot's of advice and answers, but simply stated, your questions should be asked after many other questions. Stay connected to the problem you're solving for people, know who they are, and you'll know better what marketing mix to use when reaching them.
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    Really depends on which one works best for you. Try both and see what gets the best results

    Best of Luck

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    Obviously you should be start with digital marketing.

    when you will be do digital marketing you will find that it's less expensive than traditional marketing.

    digital marketing is more targeted than traditional marketing.

    you can start digital marketing right now and for traditional marketing you need to do a lot of things like contacting to the Billboard creator stuff that you need a lot of things.

    you can easily track everything in digital marketing but you cannot read anything in traditional marketing.

    you can start digital marketing with less than $500.

    When you are going to see the returns from there you can simply use that money again and invest it again in Digital marketing and then take the return out and then invest again you can simply keep on Repeating this process and you will see good growth.
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