The all-round guide to a better website ranking On The Google SERP

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Seeing and being seen is the motto that leads companies to success and generates a desired increase in sales.*In all industries, there are - especially on the Internet - a wealth of offers, numerous competitors, from which one should*stand out*and against which one must be positioned above all with Google and Co, in order*to be*perceived.*

A*good*website*ranking*is based on a variety of factors that*should be incorporated into*web design, search engine optimization, and*marketing.*Only if the overall package of the website is correct, the*findability on the Internet is*guaranteed and the*withdrawal of competitors ensured.*Any company can make it to an excellent ranking and be on the first page, or even better, among the top 10 Google search results.*How to do it, website operators and entrepreneurs, startups and advertisers learn here.

Important factors for a top website ranking on Google

The search for a service, an offer or a business begins for over 80 percent of consumers*online using a search engine.*Not only for large-scale searches but now also in the local area,*Google is asked for the best offer*and used as the main platform for their own selection.*Therefore, the turnover and the recognition of a company are directly related to the*website ranking.

Without the right and carefully selected*keywords targeted to the audience,*finding them on the web is almost impossible.*Relevant search terms and long-tail keywords can be identified in a preceding audience analysis and sometimes be copied by the successful competitor.*However, a copy of the competitor's keywords is strongly discouraged.*Rather, the search for*synonyms and alternative*terms is recommended.*

Two other important aspects are*OnPage and OffPage optimization.*OnPage optimization includes quality content, the classics such as*Meta Title*and Description, loading speed, keywords position, title Tag, UX/UI and as well as internal links.*Getting reputable and topic-relevant backlinks are one of the goals of OffPage optimization, which leads to more visibility and a better website ranking.*Connect with other bloggers, write guest reviews, and use your social media presence.*The generation of backlinks takes time and patience, but is clearly preferable to the unnatural link building, as this can quickly lead to punishment and thus misses the effect.

Since the choice of search terms is the basis for the entire optimization, they should accordingly start with the keyword research.

Choosing keywords correctly - that's what matters

With the*selection of the search term*falls or increases the*visibility in search engines*and thus also the chance to reach your own target group online.*For each product or service, there is the main keyword that is most frequently searched for.*But this is precisely the reason why the use of exactly this search term does not make it into the Top 10 on Google and can actually worsen its findability.*Using the primary*keyword is*a tough competition, while*alternative keywords or long-tail keywords are*ideal and can provide an excellent website ranking.

Before actually optimizing the*homepage, it is advisable to choose a keyword that identifies the website and the company and to combine the search term with 3 to 5 words.*The longer and more precise a keyword, the more*concrete the intention of the searcher*and the higher the conversion.*A generic keyword is more general information than a targeted search for a product or service, such as long-tail.*In addition to the long-tail search term, there is also the possibility to select different keywords and to adapt them to the search of the target group, as well as their own offer.

There are, of course, useful tools for researching search terms.*In addition to some free and paid programs, Google's Keyword Planner is one of the best known tools.*But there are helpful tools not only for choosing suitable keywords, which make life easier for website optimization.

Helpful SEO tools that help with website ranking

Well-matched and really good SEO strategies are your multiplier for a good website ranking and thus for*more popularity by your target group.*Helpful tools can help you to implement your strategy expertly and success-oriented and to incorporate all available resources into search engine optimization and search engine marketing.*

Whether for on-page analysis, link checks or, as mentioned before, for keyword research: in the meantime, there is a*tool*or numerous*guides*for almost every step of*the work that makes it easier to work on search engine optimization.

To find an optimal strategy, you should*know and be guided by*the*periodic table of ranking factors.*It shows the factors Google builds its rankings and explains the background to the individual points in the on- and off-page area.*The successful and visible ranking is based on perfection in just these areas, the right keywords and a unique selling point.*Analyzes in advance are therefore particularly important in order to determine the current state of affairs and to make full use of the available resources.

With*the seomoz open site explorer, ahrefs, semrush *you can*analyze*your website for various factors, such as content, links and usability, and thus identify errors and identify*the potential*for*optimization.*By observing the hints, key figures and optimization suggestions from the analysis, the website ranking can be increased and the findability of Google and Co. increased.

Now it is important that you also address the improvements and gradually start to optimize your website.*In addition to the classic OnPage topics, but above all, the content on your page.

High-quality content is the alpha and omega of the ranking

Good to read, interesting and new content is considered an important part of SEO success.*But what is good content and how can you create*high-quality SEO texts*and write not only for search engines but also for the reader?*A*good quality SEO optimized content*increases the time spent on the website, increases the findability through a top position in the search results, is often read, shared and underpins the clear structure of the website.

Research is focused on the correctness of the content, a high*added value for the reader and the readability of the publication, as well as a captivating and target group oriented writing style.*Anyone who works exclusively according to SEO criteria and overestimates, for example, in the frequency of the keywords, will not meet with acceptance by both Google and the reader.*Who writes for the reader, understandability, structure, information content and style of writing, which will also automatically achieve the text a good website ranking.

In addition to the added value, the content must have a*unique selling point*and distance itself from all texts available on the internet.*Nobody can reinvent the wheel, but everyone has the opportunity to describe their offer*individually and without duplicate content.Dare to write about specific niche topics.*The search volume after that may not be that high, but it will reach exactly the target audience that is interested in the topic.*Often a look at foreign-language articles can provide inspiration.

In addition to the content, technical factors that should not be ignored are important for OnPage optimization.

Do not be put off by technical SEO

Everyone starts once and for the first time faces the question of how to optimize their homepage and what factors they must first consider.*The term technically does not have to deter this, but only points out that it is the search engine optimization that*takes place*off the content.*The*technical SEO is basically the foundation so that your content can rank well for the selected search terms.

What does SEO have to do with technology?*The question is easy to answer.*In order to appear in the website ranking on the first page of Google, the page of Google Crawler must be well*scannable and indexable.

The technical SEO includes the*PageSpeed. Optimization*The longer website loads, the more likely it is that visitors will jump off and no longer stay on your site.*Therefore, it is important to minimize the load time by, for example, compressing your images and using sprites, enabling page caching, and checking how many plugins they use in their CMS.

In addition, the technical SEO describes how*easy*a website should be, especially on mobile devices.*Here again, the theme of Responsive Design comes into play, with which it is possible to optimally display your own website on different devices.

If you have optimized your website with a clear conscience and are well in the results of the search engines, the whole work is in vain, but if no potential customer in their local store is over.*For this case, there is specifically the Local SEO.

Local businesses need a local SEO

It's not just the high reach that gives you a good website ranking and ensures increased traceability.*Entrepreneurs with local shops, restaurants, as well as local offers*should*pay attention to*the*Local SEO.*More and more*users*inform themselves before going to a restaurant or doctor on the Internet, googling for regional events or prefer a local provider when buying products.

The*Local Search*has gained in importance in recent years and should, therefore, be included in the SEO strategy.*A local reference is the city name or a generic search term, which immediately shows the user the most relevant search results from his environment.*Here it is important to appear in the*Local-Three-Pack, the first three local search results, and to bring in the focus of the target group.*

A good local search engine optimization not only creates more sales but also clearly lifts a company from its*competitors, which are*also*regionally based from.*For the regional SEO, it is important that next to the company name, the valid location address and a phone number are given, always in identical spelling.

An entry in Google My Business and various industry listings, as well as*reviews from users, also help to achieve a better local ranking.*In combination with a well thought out OnPage and OffPage optimization, entrepreneurs can win the big competition and be among the three most relevant companies of the respective search term on Google and Google Maps.

Local SEO is on the rise, and in 2018 the focus will increasingly be on it.*What else will be up-to-date this year and what you should have heard before in any case, you read finally in the SEO Trends.

The SEO Trends for 2018
2018 is a very exciting year in the field of search engine optimization, which promises us further innovations.*Optimization for mobile devices and voice search has long been a must-have for business owners and is even becoming more important than the desktop version of a website.*In addition to*local SEO, social content is given a very high rating and deep links to apps are becoming increasingly important.

Due to the advancing technology,*speech recognition*will also have*a greater influence on our search behavior.*Instead of typing individual keywords, complete sentences, long-tail keywords and W-questions can be used to search for a particular solution, information or product more quickly.*For the website ranking, complete question sets as keywords are becoming more and more interesting and should no longer be treated as stepmotherly.

What is also new is that the positioning of videos and images that underpin articles and make them more interesting is becoming increasingly profitable for B2C companies.*By*higher ranges, an*increased length of stay*and*more interactivity, the ranking can therefore improve.*Google itself is now experimenting with video advertising in its search results.*So it pays to jump on the train of video content marketing soon.

The SEO is increasingly becoming a construct of*numerous measures and strategies*that unite to form a whole.*As competition becomes more and more powerful and website rankings more difficult to achieve, business owners should pay more attention to optimizing their website and plan and analyze each step in advance.

However,*taking note of*and improving on the well-known*On and OffPage factors,*finding*the right and most*appropriate keywords, writing good, reader-*optimized text and keeping up to*date*with the*latest*news and trends, is a good website ranking nothing in the way.
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  • Search engine optimization is only really beneficial if you are targeting buying keywords.

    When promoting an offer using SEO, it's pointless ranking in #1 position in Google's search results, for a search term, and the people searching for those keywords, are not in the buying frame of mind.
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      Originally Posted by Internet Trillionaire View Post

      Search engine optimization is only really beneficial if you are targeting buying keywords.

      When promoting an offer using SEO, it's pointless ranking in #1 position in Google's search results, for a search term, and the people searching for those keywords, are not in the buying frame of mind.
      Agree with you also, Search engine optimization is only really beneficial if you are known what types of services or information promoted to the what type of Target Audience.
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    This is a fabulous guide.

    I see more these days; helpful, thorough content that solves a specific problem, that pops up in Google. Even if you forget adding all the SEO deets you can even reach page 1 for low competition key phrases. I see this with my blog quite a bit.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      This is a fabulous guide.

      I see more these days; helpful, thorough content that solves a specific problem, that pops up in Google. Even if you forget adding all the SEO deets you can even reach page 1 for low competition key phrases. I see this with my blog quite a bit.

      Agree with you Ryan also wh questions types content Take the good position at the Google SERP very quickly.
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    Lots of great advice, Thankyou
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  • Well-written guide for everyone, especially for newbies. I would have to agree that keywords are still essential when you want to rank on search engines. However, we also have to remember that these keywords should be used in creating quality content, not spamming your content with keywords.
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