Need help B2B strategy to get more stockists on board?

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New here so interested in the feedback.

So one of our lines we sell is $40RRP Resin Art Kit with a buy price of $20, the price and product are great, no issues there. Once a retailer try the product they are really happy and often come back for more.

We are struggling to get more retailers on board, we currently are giving away the kit for free for new customers but it's finding those customers that's proving to be challenging.

Mailchimp EDM:

We have email outs that return a 35% read rate, 1-2% click rate. This is slowly working but we have exhausted that database (unless we phone them)

Cold calling surprising is effective we have found, I think it's more because we are giving it away no strings. This is time consuming though, but we will continue down this method for the minute.

Interested in new, cost effective strategies you can think of and would really appreciate your input.
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