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Hey, so I searched my niche KW in bing search engine and got some related KWs that is very much related and I gathered some of those. Then I went into the Bing KW planner and selected "get search volume" option and I put those related KWs there and the result showed ZERO for all those KWs and like 10-20 searches on some of the KWs.

So, as those KWs have zero searches, using them for campaign won't be any good right?

And on bid, I should always start with $0.20-$0.30 at the start? I actually started with $0.30 on this campaign and it was NOT even getting any impressions and it was LIVE for about 2 days, so contacted support and they agent says I need to increase my bid to over $1 because most of the KWs in my kw selection is around and over $1.

What should I do?
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