Is ebook marketing still hot?

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I am asking this question for the beginner or non affiliated person and honestly I am one of them. After going through all the ebook market website it looks like the market is either saturate or flat with no serious profit to make. I signed up for in digitalworks for life membership not knowing it is not very active and my emails for calls never get any response even after all day calling.
To sum up. I just do not see a vibrant market niche. I also signed up for click bank. Everywhere I go I am asked to spend at least some money and I feel i am wasting my limited funds.

I thank warriors to invite me to be in this forum.
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    I don't know if this has ever been that "hot", it really depends on the niche.

    If you find a hot niche, then yes, with a good ebook you could do well..
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      Agree. Some niches go well with ebook marketing.
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    It will always be hot.

    All you're doing, essentially, is promoting/ selling information. People will always want information.

    - Tom

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    The ebooks must be latest niche, latest information. You can check from Google trends.
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  • Yes, I know what you mean, I've been away from the "at home" online industry for around 8 years now and many things have changed. The concepts are the same, but so many differnt tools now, approaches and hacks on how to reach some revenue.

    8+ years ago, i heavily focuses on pop traffic and made some nice bucks off it.

    today the industry is different but we will need to adapt and learn.

    If i can give you 2cents, draw out a plan, stick to it but constantly review it every week. Things change as you go along and what seemed so important last week now is no longer relevant.
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  • This seems to be the first question to ask in the first post on this forum, if you are a newbie.

    Below is a link to a similar thread.
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    Once you have information that provides value to people there will always be money to make. Essentially that is what a business is. A business provides value and the more value you provide to people the more money you're going to make over time.
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    ebook and any other forms of digital content such as videos, mp3, membership are still hot, provided you offer information that consumers need.

    I suggest you do some research, using tools like Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends. Those tools are free, and will help you to find out which keyword, product, people, anything you can name, that nowadays people searching.

    From there, you will get some ideas on which market/product/service you can tap in, create ebook and sell it.

    For example, I sell dog collar (a physical product not ebook), I use Google Trend and check USA market, and find out that they have high interest over years of this type product, I check Google Keyword Planner and find out which dog collar keyword that cost me little but high over 1000 searches. Then setup a Google Shopping ads to start promoting.

    Hope this can give you some ideas on how to get started.
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    You can check many websites still offering free ebooks ad lead magnets others are offering cheetsheats and lately webminars invitations, they might be changing what the leadmagnet is but it hasnt change the structure.
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    Yes... It's evergreen. It will always be hot!
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    I've just entered a new niche. eBooks are still VERY popular in this niche and I hope to move into that business next year. First I'm trying to get my writing up to the standard I need to do well.
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    Selling your Ebook on Amazon Kindle could be a great money maker if you have quality material.
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  • Nowadays, more and more people like to watch video then read ebook because video is more interesting and is easier to digest.
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    I think it's not so hot nowadays, but still has its potential.
    Make sure to get not very big profit.
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    Maybe lot of people say Yes! but i say No ! because there are lot of writers and it's not like the past (few writers and yo earn a lot money)
    Also you have to write just about some special titles and you can't choose any topics you like. so i think it's awful.
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    Yes this is one of the best ways to generate a income make a ebook with great advise and put in your links and give away free works very well. Myself I am a video man. I make a free video course and give that away and it works great. Hope I have helped.
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    eBook marketing is not hot.

    Skilled authors with patiently grown, large, loyal readerships sell plenty of eBooks though.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It can be, though it usually isn't. Likewise, it can be profitable to write a book and get it published through traditional channels, but it often isn't. For most people, writing isn't a great way to make money. ... However, that's not the same as saying that ebooks are more profitable than traditional publishing.
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    ebook marketing definitely has a number of unique advantages over other forms of marketing. Perhaps the most significant advantage of e-marketing is its ability to reach a global audience of consumers with minimal effort. Of course, it is possible to reach a global audience at the expense of other forms of advertising, but traditional forms of advertising, such as television, radio and print, combined, are far from being as effective in reaching potential consumers around the world as e-marketing is.
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    Find a good niche and write quality content for it. Ebooks are a great medium.
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    It depends on how you advertise the ebook and also the Niche can change what people think.
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