Is there any way to add live webcam video to a slide presentation?

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I'd like to do an audio podcast, but also create a PowerPoint version of it to put on YouTube. That said, is there any way to record live video of myself as I give the PowerPoint presentation? (I might use Open Office Impress instead of PowerPoint, actually).

Can this be done right within the PowerPoint or Impress software itself? Or is another piece of software required? Any recommendations? (I'm using Windows).
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  • Surely you can do a search on YouTube to find an answer to your question. There should be plenty of YouTube videos on PowerPoint and how to insert live video into your PowerPoint presentation. Unless you want screen capture software that records your screen and your voice, as you giving the presentation. Google hangouts has a screen capture function, that allows you to capture and share your screen while also allowing you to record yourself.
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      Originally Posted by Internet Trillionaire View Post

      Surely you can do a search on YouTube
      I can do a search on YouTube.
      And don't call me Shirley.
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    Camtasia or Filmora will both do what you want with screen capture and the ability to edit and insert video or graphics within video.

    Are you wanting your face on camera, picture in picture?

    If you have already done the podcast an easy way is to just create the graphic slides and insert the images into Camtasia or any other video editor and synch the graphics to your podcast rather than trying to do a live of the slideshow when you already have the "live voice".

    It is quicker and easier to do the audio or live video first and then use something like REV to transcribe the audio into text.

    Copy and edit / paste the text into slides

    ...or a graphics program where you have the slide size set up and can just create slides as you go and save them in sequence.

    The assemble the slides inside your choice of video editor and get the thing right with the original audio.

    If you like you can ad a couple of other face to camera videos you can quickly put together and cut them into the presentation to add the live look.

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