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Is Domain name selection have special rules or system that effect Search ranking; if have then how i select a Domain for SEO friendly ?
Thanks in advance
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  • The domain name must be catchy, easy to remember and not too long. The search ranking will not be high even you have keywords in the domain name but without quality content in your website.
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    It might help. But what's more important for CEO is to choose proper link texts on the external links and headers/keywords on your own website.
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    Yes but that is not the main thing. Yahoo, Google, Alexa, etc. have no connection at all to their actual niche but they are among the big authorities in the internet world. Like what alexkowel has mentioned, it's all about SEO, backlinking, and many other traffic generation methods out there that matters.
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    I would focus on looking for a domain that people will remember opposed to just trying to find one for SEO.
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    It used to but not any more. I would go for a name that's easy to remember; then you can find backlinks with good anchor texts. I would also look for a Domain Name that's available across all Social Media Channels for branding purposes.
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    First of all think, what's your website is going to be about? What's the website purpose? Which words come in your mind for your website? Then, start with the keyword research using with the words come in your mind, you will get a list of your keywords with the search volume and keyword difficulty. Then check out which keyword is going to perfectly describe your website purpose, choose wisely, which may have more search volume and try to get that domain name. For ex: if I am going to set up a website on "Real Estate Law", then I will go for the keyword research and if I find "real estate attorney" is good for me, I will try to get a domain name using the keyword, using the extension with that. If I am local then it may be albamarealestateattorney. I hope you got my point, what I am trying to understand you.

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      Thank you so much, Robert Meyer, for this answer. I got this.
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    Be sure to create a unique business name then add a term/service/phrase/niche that directly corresponds to the service you are offering or products you are selling. Do a Google search for competitors and study the domains they have picked and which rank on the first page.
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    It's very important SEO friendly domain url. At first you need to select main keyword then select your domain to your main keyword.
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    Very important domain for optimizing seo
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    For SEO respect, as you are searching for a name, avoid dashes (-) between words, and .com extensions are still the most respected in search engines, followed by .net and .org. For your visitors, avoid being clever or cute. The joke, whatever it is, wears very thin very fast.

    We could also help much more if you were to explain your purpose for this new website...
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    prefer .com domain name
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