I hve got a serious issue with robot.txt

by mp1957
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My blog has more than 500 pages. Last November onwards, at a constant rate all the pages have been deindexed in google and blocked. Now I have 34 pages and all blocked.
I am a completely ethical blogger, and have not purposely done anything wrong.
The robot.txt file is fine and google search console says, there is no crawl error or any issue with the site. It also has sitemaps.
The issues that might be:
The blog is mapped to blogger and earlier had http which is now https. I have canonicalized versions to https://www version.
I once had been given an offer by someone that he would get me quality backlinks through Fiverr. I am not sure whether that is the culprit. But I had stopped taking that service after a week. I think that if at all that would have harmed, it would be in other ways and would not show 'blocked by robots' error on search console.
[I also posted this in a discussion on robot. i think that stays there. the forum has asked me to post in the beginner's area since I am very new. So repeating. Hope this is ok.]
Posted screenshots here:1. robot.txt teser; 2. sitemap

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    Since I am unable to see your site nor the screenshot that you sent, several reasons that causes your pages to be de-indexed on SERP.

    Couple of ways are: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/...google/242069/

    Might be worth checking all points mentioned and identify the culprit behind it. Else, can share the URL of your site for a much proper advise.


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      HI jfsinel07
      Posted the images again.
      Checked the reasons given in the article you have shared. Perhaps I have not done any such thing. In fact, I have been advising fellow bloggers not to do so.
      Btw, the site is: https://indiantopblogs.com
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    I tried site:[your-domain] - I can see your categories are indexed. You might want to check your sitemap being declared in your robots.txt file.

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