How to increase traffic to an eco-friendly ecommerce website?

by ecojoe
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I have a niche website to sell earth-friendly casual apparel; organic cotton, bamboo, hemp t-shirts, polo shirts, leggings etc for women and men.
I have posted pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and occasionally place ads on the Facebook too. My website **Link, removed by Mod** is on the Shopify platform.
I hardly get enough traffic that the quality, prices and my awesome customer service should be getting. Any ideas on how to increase the visitors to the website will be much appreciated. Thanks a bundle.
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    You need to develop relationships with other people who own websites and who post socially on anything "green". There are TONS of opportunities for social networking in that niche.
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    Create helpful content.

    Publish genuine comments on eco-friendly blogs in your niche.

    Promote eco friendly bloggers through your blog and social media.

    Traffic flows to creators and connectors.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Getting traffic is the hardest part for any business. I too have problems with that.
    Unless you want to spend money, you will need to be very active on all social media & forums related to your niche. You will have to write unique articles and build relationships every day. It takes a lot of time, and it will take most of your time for the next year.
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    Provide value by writing articles or blog posts. You can deploy Instagram promotion to raise awareness.
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    make a list of 300 blogs in your niche. email them all requesting guest posts. start writing. get the articles published. enjoy the new rankings.
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    You should try Instagram ad as well, I think that's effective than the FB ads these days. You may try snapchat marketing as well. If you want to get organic traffic for your business, you can try to add your business to different Local Listing sites and you can go for "Free Classified" for your business as well. And for long-term organic traffic start working on your targeted keywords to get top rankings. Try these step by step my mate, you will succeed.
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    Some hard work to be done. You have to work on Quora, blogs, facebook pages and forums. You can get a lot of organic traffic-
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    For physical products, influencer marketing is a good and relatively cheap option. Find social influencers in the green niche and pay for shoutouts. You can get your products in front of thousands of people for pennies on the dollar (And much cheaper and effective than FB)
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  • Whatever be the size, shape, or nature of your e-commerce store, you are sure to face challenges in starting an eCommerce business when it comes to attracting and retaining customers online for your store. With so much clutter online, increased competition and high social media and search engine advertising costs, it's becoming increasingly difficult to turn a profit on your eCommerce store.
    I suggest you to follow eCommerce influencers keenly observe their strategies they shared your traffic increases slowly and gradually.
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    Develop Your Lists. Building records is a standout amongst the BEST approaches to expand traffic to your eCommerce store.

    Work With Influencers. Influencer showcasing implies working with individuals who impact your potential purchasers.

    Begin Blogging.

    Run A Giveaway.

    Dispatch A Referral Program.

    Connection To Your eCommerce Site From Your Social Bios.
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