Can someone help me with issue of canonical tag?

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Hello Everyone,

I'm going to explain my issue of canonical tag. So if anyone know where I'm wrong or doing it in wrong manner, please correct me or if it is right then please suggest me why its not working.

Few days ago i just make my own blog and just doing all on-page activity to make it better. Today I've applied canonical tag to my blog so it will not create any issue in future related to duplicate content.

So I've applied canonical tag in head section of my website

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Let's come to main issue as i know that when we applied canonical tag somewhere Google will treat that URL as parent URL and its similar URL redirects to defined URL in tag. For example- ----> -----> ----->

But my URL is not redirected to specified URL in Canonical Tag so could anyone help me with the same.

Thanks in Advance
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    I honestly do no tthink you need to worry about this with the home page. Search engines are smart enough to figure out that www. is the same as without the www. and that hhtp is the same as https when the rest of the URL is the same.

    Canonicals are more important for pages that have pagination (categories that have more than one page or articles that are multi-page) and for other oddities like if you have a sort by function on a page.

    We've never really worried about it. Google seems to figure it out all on their own. Of course, we also use platforms that handle the more complicated stuff seamlessly for us, too.
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    Mate, canonical tag not going to redirect your URL. We use the canonical tag to tell search engines that this is the page which is real, not duplicate, this is the page you should care about, this is the page you should crawl and index, and this is the page you should rank me for specific keywords. If you want to redirect your URL's then simply use the 301 permanent redirections. The canonical tag is only for helping search engines to understand the real and unique version of the webpage, so search engines avoid the duplicate issues. For better learning about the canonical tag, you may visit Moz Learning Center.

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    If you are using wordpress, just go to the settings page and set the "Wordpress address" and "Site address" as "". Google will take some time to work out what is the URL to show.

    But really, as Dave mentioned, this is a small matter that you shouldn't stress yourself over.
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