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I'm a newbie. I have an eCommerce website that sells underfloor heating. Any advice or tips on anything relating to boost more traffic and conversions to my site will be most welcome.
Thank you
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  • For the product you mentioned, the better way to drive traffic is using PPC. Besides, you can create a FB page to connect with potential customers. You may want to use Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your product photos also.
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      Thank you, I however am doing what you suggest. I am looking for more ways to help the website to garner more traffic, conversions and obviously to rank better in Google. I'm sure I can hire a specialist to do this, but I am trying to get the info for free via this forum, Lol.
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  • JC,

    Originally Posted by JC Herrera View Post

    Any advice or tips on anything relating to boost more traffic and conversions to my site will be most welcome.
    1. Get to really know your ideal customers.
    Which countries are they based? Where do most of them frequently hang out on the Web?
    Which topics of discussion do they actively engage with in those online places? Which are most relevant to your products and content?

    2. Use the up-to-date details of your ideal customer profile to identify promising advertising and content placement networks.
    Can you advertise in the online places where they hang out? Can you publish content in those places, helpful for their timely needs and most relevant to your products?
    How should you craft your advertorial marketing messages and call to action ads, based on the hottest topics of discussions they're currently engaging with in those places?

    3. Identify suitable affiliate partnerships and content publishing deals with non-competing brands.
    Which non-competing brands and online content publishing networks are most popular across your target audiences at the moment?
    Can you convince the operators of those sites, online communities, mobile and desktop apps to partner up with you as an affiliate?
    Otherwise, can you entice them with mutually beneficial advertising and advertorial content placements?

    4. Pinpoint ideal B2B (business to business) partners.
    Which businesses and service providers are likely to benefit from your products?
    Which of them can use your products to supplement the benefits of their own products for their customers?
    What sort of value-added deals can you use to entice them in partnering up with you?

    Hope this helps!

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      Thank you so much for your list of advice. I'm studying them one at a time to wrap my head around it. It will clearly take some time to follow through.
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    Since your customers are not really recurring, it might work better for you to establish relationships with contractors and home builders. Could you offer them a commission on any sales the send your way? If you can get them recommending your company to their clients you could have an ongoing stream of customers.
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      Thank you for advice which is right on target. I have been using this tactic for years already. But now with the rise of social media, things have changed. So I need to stay ahead or keep up with the change in pace.
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  • Hello,

    I heard about your problems with ecommerce website traffic. I have few tips regarding traffic.
    1. improve B2B Interaction
    2. voice search
    3. provide guidance selling options
    4. Easy checkout and multiple delivery options
    5. target social platform
    6. mobile friendly design
    Here you can read more eCommerce Trends to Follow in Your eCommerce Website or Mobile App
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    Following the advice of this forum, we have placed a paid ad with Facebook, which has reached more than 11 000 people, yet still no calls.
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    I have an eCommerce website that sells underfloor heating.
    This is something people will consider for a while before they decide to buy. Expecting sales from an ad is unrealistic. You should approach it as being an information provider.

    Create a good, informative lead-magnet and get that in peoples' hands.

    You might target angles like:

    Cold floors, high-heating bills, a heating system for new construction, etc.

    Educate your target market.

    This will have a long lead time. i.e. I'm planning a new home to be built in the Spring, but decisions have to be made prior to the start of construction, which means now. The actual purchase may not come until Summer.

    My floors are cold and I'm going to do something about it, but not in the dead of Winter. However, I may be looking for information on possible solutions.

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      your advice make more sense than the 11000 views on Facebook.
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