2 Adsense accounts in one pc

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Hey warriors! i would like to ask about something that confused me! I was using an adsense account to monitize applications mobile and it has been disabled. So this time i want to create an other one to link it with my a blog. Is it normal to open it on the same laptop or it will be closed by multiple accounts problem?? Thanks for your help!
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    U need :

    1. New PC
    2. New Internet connection.
    3. New physical address to get a code from google adsense/admob when u reach $10 .

    If u do not take precautions, ur admob account can get disabled...
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  • ya even i have doubt regarding this issue?
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    That may be very problamatic
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    Yes Dear Its Not Possible its Problematic so please don't try such type work 2 account in one machine either mobile, laptop or pc.
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    You could also try a VPS. Amazon offer one free for a year which is easy to set up and sign up to. There are some youtube videos on it.
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    This could lead to problems, I recommend staying away from this
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    I'm not sure what is really being asked here.

    Is the problem that your account got shut own because of a violation and you are trying to figure out a way around that? If so, you'll need to create a whole new Google identity and use a different IP address, which can be done either via a VPS or changing your router.

    If your question is how to set up multiple AdSense accounts, you don't need to do that. You can add multiple sites to a single AdSense account.

    If you need to manage more than one AdSense account for some reason, you'll need to either sign out of one to use the other or you can open a new incognito tab (in Chrome) and sign into the other account there while still staying logged into the other account in the non-incognito window. You could also open up another account in a completely different browser (i.e. one is open in Chrome and the other is open in Firefox).
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    That is definitely not recommended,
    many people have many problems even with 1 normal account
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    You would need to change your Ip and then change your address.

    This would allow you to get business emails and mails from google.

    You then need to change email.
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    i personnel not suggested you to make doable absence account at 1 pc.
    i hope this helpful.
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