Would you share your national id with a site online to boost your marketing/trustworthiness?

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I face that dilemma now, the sites where I do business ask for national id that will verify me and boost my image/trustworthiness, this will realistically improve the chance to complete a sell but I'm not sure if there are any risks associated with this. The sites are reputable but still not as reputable as a site like amazon.

What do you think, is it dangerous to share such info? would you do it?
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    If by "National ID" you mean a social security number (US) or equivalent from another country then it is very common for sites that "pay" you to ask for it.

    boost my image/trustworthiness
    I don't see how it would.

    is it dangerous to share such info? would you do it?
    It could potentially be very dangerous in the wrong circumstances. I have entered my SS# on many sites, that I trust. Trust is something we can't help you with as we don't know your specific situation.

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    I think I would not necessarily share my national identity or any personal information just to build trust. However, I agree that the thing will definitely earn a lot of trust and sales in return!
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    You make the final call on this one, if you are not sure then better stay like that.
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    Never give your National ID away to anyone it will be used and give you a load of trouble. Keep. any ID away from the internet
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    Every post in this thread is from a different country - and the only answer that makes sense is....'it depends'.

    If you are signing up for affiliate an program that will be PAYING you - chances are you will need to give some personal ID info. However, depends on the country and the tax laws.
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