Do you give second chances at the Warrior forum???

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This is Lee McKenna, I got my account banned for being very stupid a while back.

I just posted a blog post on my blog which I will copy and paste here for everyone to see why I got banned.

I just hope people can see I've changed and give me a second chance to learn and become a member who can hopefully just give a helping hand. Don't worry I wont be selling anything. All I care about is helping people on here if I can from time to time. Learning myself and setting up my new dog treat business.

And also apologising to anyone who I might have hurt in anyway from my past.

Read the post below...

Hello and welcome to Substantial Success. My name is Lee McKenna and I'm the owner of Substantial Success.

Over the last 15 years I've been learning ways to generate an income online and yes I've made money but I have done things wrong and made a lot of mistakes.

I'm on a journey right now setting things up again after losing everything. Even after losing everything I'm a very positive person and the positive that has come out of all this is I've learnt from my mistakes.

I would like to share my story on this blog and also share some videos I've been creating in my darkest hours. Yes I started doing a video dairy sharing what I was going through when I lost everything.

And when I say lost everything I even ended up in jail for being stupid in one of my online businesses I got involved in. Maybe I'll do another post on just that subject and share what happened.

For now lets just keep this short and say I made some very wild untrue income claims that got me sent to prison.

But everyone deserves a second chance and I'm going to take mine regardless of what some people might think. And for the people that will still hate on me for trying let me just say this to you.

I've served my time and I've been punished for what I done. And I've been through living hell because of it all. I could actually write a book about everything I seen in jail and the dark place I put myself in.

I lost everything except my family and for that I'm very grateful and that is what has kept me going. Right now although things are getting better slightly I'm still going through money worries and I have been for the last 3 years.

So this is my plan...

I want my second chance and I'm going to try and take it. Although in the past I made some pathetic decisions and paid the price I was still an Entrepreneur and I'm still an Entrepreneur today however this time for right now I don't have any plans to go back into teaching. (Well maybe?)

In other words I'm not going to fall back into the trap of teaching people how to make money online because thats what got me into trouble in the first place. It was because of joining MLM's that only do one thing and thats to teach newbies to portray themselves to be some kind of Internet Millionaire and recruit them into the MLM pyramid for a big commission.

Yes I seen success doing this but to get started just like everyone I faked my income and used my mentors income proof who told me this was ok. And because thats all I knew I carried on doing this for 8-10 years making more and more money. I even had my very own (real) income proof but again I would try to look more and more successful and to do that I took pictures outside mansions in my car and even hire houses out making them look like my own.

I done this to try and speed the process up so that one day soon I could actually be that person. Fake it till you make it they call it. Well I almost made it and to be fair the funny thing about all this is I didn't even need to fake any income. I could have just used my very own income proof what was actually coming in and I would have been fine.

But like I said I did some stupid things and I paid the price. Looking back I'm glad in a way that I didn't get away with it because what I done was wrong and I can see that now. Back then when many people tried to warn me saying what I was doing was a scam I just didn't listen because I was brain washed.

(Yes it wasn't all my fault. Yes I did wrong and hold my hands up but it wasn't all my fault it was the mentor and the MLM/Pyramid for even running a business like this in the first place.)

Yes I was scammed just as much as I was scamming people. Because I was told this was not a scam and it was not a pyramid system and it was perfectly legal. I later found out by the UK courts this was not the case and got 2 years in jail for being involved in a pyramid.

The funny thing is the owners of this so called pyramid did not go to jail. Maybe I went to jail more for the stupid income claims I personally made? Who knows? However everyone did think what happened to me was very harsh. Even the prosecution admitted this after it was all over. I found this out as I was getting realised after spending 7 and a half months in a cat D jail.

But listen as I've already said I'm glad it happened in a strange kind of way because it was wrong what I was doing. But I've learnt my lesson and I'm ready to setup a real legal online business. One which I can be proud of.

In fact I've already started this business and I sell dog treats online. My business is not huge just yet but I can see it going places and I'm working very hard to make that happen.

Who knows once I am very successful maybe I will start to help a few people again in the future? Obviously I will wait till I can backup any income claims this time if I ever do this and this time I will be helping people for all the right reasons.

Because I do enjoy teaching and helping people. It was a huge passion of mind and I've not been able to do this now for 3+ years because I've been struggling with life myself.

But who knows maybe, just maybe if I get successful with my e-commerce business I might just start teaching people again?

I've been down in the dumps over the last 3+ years. I can't really put it down on paper just how bad its been for me. And I know some will be glad to read this and thats ok because I might just deserve it? It's all been down to money worries mainly.

When you don't have money it can really stress you out and even cause you to be ill like it has me. Especially when your used to having money and losing it all like I did.

So if I sort myself out and get back on track I would love to help people who have been in this situation. Because I can relate to them. They say everything happens for a reason and maybe all this had to happen to me in some strange way? Who knows?

And just to finish off. I would like to say to everyone that has hated on me in the past SORRY. Sorry for not listening and I hope you can forgive and forget and let me prove to you that I am a good person.

Because I always have been a good person. I just made some stupid decisions and also had some bad mentors and joined a few bad programs. I also wanted success so bad that I would just do what I had to do even if that meant telling some lies about how successful I really was. All that combined created this disaster in my life.

But I'm going to put it right if I can.

All the best

Lee McKenna

P.S. Even if I don't put this right and I decide NOT to teach people how to better themselves, make more money and become successful.

Even if I do become successful myself.

At least I've put this post together explaining myself and apologising. It takes a big man to be able to admit he was wrong and say sorry and I'm proud of myself for doing this.

Onwards and upwards as they say.

P.P.S. However I will keep doing my video updates as I keep progressing with my business & personal life which no one has seen yet as all the videos are on my camcorder and have been creating over the last 3 years. Who knows one day if I do become a success and decide to help people I will release them all to show people the early videos I created when just getting out of prison with nothing then working my way through more video updates explaining my plans to move forward which included getting a real job to then even more videos creating my dog treat business and doing other things. And hopefully to huge success.

It's all in the videos and I will keep doing the update videos until I'm a millionaire one day if I get to that stage in my life? Who knows? All I know is I'm going to do my very best because like everyone I deserve that second chance and like I said I'm going to take it.

Feel free to comment below I will reply when I can.


P.P.P.S. If I get banned again I will totally understand. I just wanted to be upfront with who I really am and not hide behind some account which I could have done.
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    Thanks for your post mate.

    We do give people a second chance, but the main problem here is that you just didn't get banned for a copy and paste issue.

    Mainly your past, your behaviour, and your criminal charges, represents 100% what I'm trying to prevent here.

    The false teaching that made people follow you.
    You broke that trust, by trying to tell people that you had the secret key to a fantastic make money online system that was going to help them in life.

    I truly don't believe you have the skills you claim and I think the only way you make money online is by teaching people how to make money online and your re-entry in this forum is another way to try to milk this audience.

    So as the head of Warrior Forum, I will not ban you but I will not allow you to post here any further.

    We do not want to know your "path"
    We don't want to read your content
    We don't want you to share your lessons.

    You are everything that I stand against and in fact, I believe people like you don't stand a chance in this new economy.

    Trust is the new currency: therefore it makes you extremely poor in my books.

    So in this case: no second chances.

    Thanks for your post and best of luck in the future.
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