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Hi all,
My name is Cleo & I'm from London UK.
I recently created my first ever information product & before launching & selling it on a digital products selling platform wanted to get some feedback & advice here.
After reading a book that not only helped me become teetotal but transformed my whole outlook on life for the better, tried telling people that I knew were also genuinely ready & looking for a method to help them become teetotal.
Thanks to another book, I realised that it made no sense sharing this life changing information if it was only bringing about little or no action due to costing them nothing. So I created a 565 word report/review for the book to sell as an information product for £1.99, $2.60, in order to best make sure people made maximum use of the information I was sharing. If people aren't happy with the info product, I've emphasised that they can ask for their money back & get it with absolutely no hassle.
Any feedback & advice on strengthening the product, seeing it more clearly & most importantly, where I'm being nonsensical would be greatly appreciated.
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