Experience is the greatest teacher. It applies to online jobs as well.

by kvr4u
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Hi Friends, There is a saying"Experience is the greatest teacher. Because, A teacher teaches the lesson first, then conducts the exam, whereas the experience puts the exam first then teaches the lesson. So, I appeal to all the people ,who are trying their luck in online jobs, not to learn by themselves. It may take longer time to learn and earn. You may or may not be successful to earn from online jobs. Very few people are successful, rest all may end up wasting their valuable time and energy. So, My sincere advise to beginners in this niche is to learn from the experienced experts. Lots of testimonials are available on social media. Just follow what they did to see the quick results.
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    Believing what you read on social media - is probably the worst advice I've seen for a while. Learning from others is good - following others and expecting the same results is often a reality check.
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    Experience is a great way to learn, unfortunately just following others on social media often isn't the best way to do this.
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    Hi Kv,

    Learning from experienced pros and doing what they say - with a generous energy - helps you avoid SO MANY MISTAKES that folks without mentors make. Experience teaches you fab lessons; experienced entrepreneurs teach you even more. Thanks for sharing buddy.
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  • There is a lot of truth to that.

    Also, you can only learn so much from the experienced. You will have your own learning curve to adapt to.
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    Because experience is a great teacher, my advice is to start actually working and putting knowledge to practice, learning with mistakes. Many people just keep trying new courses and methods and never actually risk failing by fully implementing projects.

    As for learning with the experts, just get your hands on some good blogs, books, courses, and if you can buy coaching or a course package with coaching. Personal coaching make a great difference. But don't try out a million courses, just choose a few good ones and implement a few good strategies until you master them and get results.
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    Experience is something you gather with a payment. The payment of money or effort.

    If the advises you are getting are too easy and too good to be true, then they aren't true.

    As others said, Social Media is a terrible place to get knowledge from. Get knowledge from people that already succeeded at what you want to do, and do that. It won't guarantee your success, but it will give you a better shot at it.
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    Unfortunately for most people personal experience is interpreted as failure, and they run away. Most people give up on their idea after just three days of effort. It can take 90 to get traction. The faith in success is based on the shiny object they bought, not themselves as the source.

    So overall while I agree that experience is a great teacher, it's only valid if the individual takes the results as "feedback" and not applying judgement to the outcome.
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