What are the elements of a viral Video?

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What are the elements of a viral Video?
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    1. Targeted keywords for tittle, tag, and description.
    2. Unique content (funny, weird, ugly, amazing, beauty, fail-army, secret, tutorial, simple, etc).
    3. High quality video and audio.
    4. Today's videos are also defined by its screen size: horizontal, square or vertical.
    5. Live or not (streaming or at least just happened within hours or less than a week).
    6. One time video or a single show... or... in series (continuous).
    7. Fortune!

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    My personal opinion on a Viral video is that there's no set standard as there have been viral videos taken with "potato" quality cameras if you will as well as some are even less than 60 seconds.

    Oftentimes viral videos go against the grain of what's already normally ocurring in day to day life, something that causes a spark mentally, captures the viewer by way of emotions and feelings, out of the ordinary happenings and much more.

    The more attention grabbing the better.
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  • Just search for video that have a lot of views and you will know what to create.
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