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I am looking to get into this market... am I able to reach out to businesses simply by getting their phone # from the yellowpages?

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    I'm not sure that's the best way to get customers. Are you planning to set up website for local businesses?

    Just selling hosting might be hard, but if you will help them get an online presence, lots of local businesses may be interested - it's often beyond their expertise and they don't know where to start so it's that thing they'd like to get around to doing someday. Great opportunity there.
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    I will start locally and expand, I just want to make sure its okay to call out to businesses to get their business.
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    I think its a fairly basic question
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    If you want to start your business locally, you need to use a local server to get customers. But, I think that only phone call is not enough for this.
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    If you want to sell only hosting, it will be tough starting out. This service has been branded by the big boys who offer tons of tools, add-ons, services and support. They've monopolized web hosting so much that unless you can afford to compete with them, it will be hard getting your name out there.

    If you are just doing it as a hobby and supporting local communities, you might be able to offer incentives for them to join. Like charity donations and such. With this approach, you can do the cold calling and hope they don't know enough about web hosting services to totally reject you. Because that is likely the only way they won't.

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    Can I pay people who refer people to me for referrals?
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    People can purchase web hosting for $1 a month. Granted, it's not web hosting that I would ever use, but many people will.

    Do you really want to compete in that business?

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    Why not expand the idea and offer to setup a simple mobile friendly website using for example Wix.com?
    And have them pay a monthly fee for that? additionally you could offer them SEO packages on top of that.

    Should be a lot easier than selling hosting alone.

    I stumbled upon a web based app builder a couple months back, that primarily had templates for local businesses. Took me 30 min. to setup an app for a local bar in my city.
    That could also be an easier sell.
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