Should give new freelancer a second chance after first account closer?

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I am Animesh on behalf of Indian and Bangladeshi new and innocent users, who came to with hope to build their freelancing career, who got closed their account because of violation of terms and condition unknowingly or mistakenly. I'm one of them, sir. We became very careful and trying not to violate the terms and conditions of because of getting closed at first time. We know we have accepted the terms and condition during sign up. We all human make mistake before starting something new. We do not get warning message for violating terms and condition to be careful. We should have second chance after promising not to violate the terms and condition and by correcting ourselves. There are many marketplace but freelancer have great user accessibility. New freelancer can participate in contest without any hassle. They can make their portfolio easily and can build their career from there.

Our only request to to give every new user a second chance to correct themselves after closing their account at first time. Because we become careful after first account closer. We hope will consider it.
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    I approved this thread and moved it to the 'beginner' section Hopefully, others can learn something from it.

    It doesn't matter where you are from - ALL new members are expected to read the rules and the TOS they agreed to. Anyone who is quickly banned deliberately spammed this forum after joining. They did not take time to learn the forum - or to ask questions about rules - or to participate in discussions....they just jumped in with link spam or promotional ads. That is rude and unacceptable on any forum.

    Here is the reality....that applies to YOU personally:

    YOU have opened a new acct. Have you learned the lesson? We'll find out. You have been honest in saying you were banned before - now YOU have a second chance. You can read the rules here:

    There are members here who were banned in the past - came back with a different outlook and have become valuable members. Others started new accts to continue spamming and were banned again.

    If everyone is guaranteed a 'second chance' - it means everyone is allowed to spam one time? Not going to happen. There is no excuse for spamming a forum. All threads are moderated before they appear - many members get 'warnings' when threads are not approved.

    Those who joined to promote their links, push their sites, or sell love potion or the same tired $200in24hrs spam...will be banned.

    Settle in - read the rules - participate...and you'll be fine.


    You are never too old to ask Santa for a pony.
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    This sounds like anything with life. If you break the TOS on purpose or by accident it unfortunately has the same result. Best of luck.

    If it doesn't work out. Don't get discourage, move on and find a new way to accomplish what you want to.
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    Consider yourself very lucky that Kay is giving you a second chance. Word of advise, 'Do not take her kindness for weakness.'
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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