Is there anyone out there willing to tutor a newbie on Amazon selling on a low budget

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All i see out there is lots and lots of these Amazon guru's wanting to teach/show you how you can make a fortune if you enroll onto one of their courses. Ok cool, but the cost for a lot of these said guru's isn't cheap and can they really generate the results they claim !! So my question is, is there any successful honest true Amazon guru/s out there that have amassed a fortune willing to teach me the ropes with a very little budget ???
I am willing to do all the groundwork and split the profits 50/50.
Looking very much forward to hearing from you.
Regards Scott.
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    This is a common idea many new marketers have - that someone will coach them for little/no money in exchange for 'some of the profit.' Usually the question is from a brand new marketer - but you asked a similar question several years ago. There have been so many threads/posts since then about affiliate marketing - have you read them?

    I suggest you use the forum search function and look for threads/posts/ads by Sojourn (Erica Stone) who has been teaching newbies how to 'do' Amazon for some time.....and for very little money. Not coaching or taking you by the hand - but giving you step by step instructions on starting with Amazon.
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    Hi Scott,

    Think of it this way: every single dime you made as an employee or entrepreneur, you should not have made. You should have worked for free. Because people who don't have money to invest were not able to use the products or service your business offered, or, the company you work for, offered.

    LOL this is exactly what you suggest buddy.

    Pay up. To play up. Invest money now to see increasing returns down the road.

    It is only money. We've credit cards too, we can use to invest money now, and to pay off, long term. can get tons of free, valuable information on Warrior or through blogs (Google is your friend there) I know of one Warrior who self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon, when he is not smiling on a tropical beach somewhere. His blog and eBooks could be helpful resources. I know him pretty well.
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