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I've completed almost all necessary steps in order to create a profitable blog: choosing a niche, catchy domain, writing posts, nice-looking layout, but I'm stuck in the very last step... traffic.

I've tried free methods, but they don't meet my expectations. I'm a beginner and my funds are limited, so at this moment I can't reach paid traffic services. I was wondering then, if it's possible to share a percent of my profits with a marketer or influencer? On my website I promote ClickBank products and was wondering if I can outsource traffic generating to somebody else and I send him a sales report e.g. after one month (he can also check it via TeamViewer), and send him half of my profits.

Is it possible to make such a deal with a marketer or an influencer? If so, how to find one?
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    Originally Posted by Filibuster View Post

    I've completed almost all necessary steps in order to create a profitable blog: choosing a niche, catchy domain, writing posts, nice-looking layout, but I'm stuck in the very last step... traffic.
    Actually, what you've done is the easiest part. The crucial stages are getting your offer(s) in front of targeted prospects and converting those visits into sales. As it stands, you don't even know whether your site will convert.

    Ask yourself why any marketer who already had access to a targeted traffic source would want (or need) to give away half of the profits to you.

    Your best course of action would be to test your site with targeted traffic. Either you pay for this or you go to where your prospects hang out and promote your offer there. I'm assuming you had a target market in mind when you researched your niche idea, domain name, blog posts etc.

    Once you know your conversion stats, you'll be able to approach a potential partner or list owner with a better pitch.


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    but I'm stuck in the very last step... traffic.
    The way I do it, this is the first step. I look for traffic sources I can tap into and then look for something to sell them.

    I'm currently testing a new source of MLM/Networking traffic. I've tested three different offers and am putting together a funnel for offer #4.

    So far I've established they are "real" people, they are mostly from the USA, they have taken action and have some money to spend. I'm 100% confident I will find a way to make a profit. So far I've spent $60 testing.

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  • Hi ! The traffic game is pretty awesome Many ways to drive targeted traffic- banner ads, solo ads, influencers, bloggers and so on. I will suggest:

    1. Get some solo ads to your posts - Udimi

    2. Shoutcart it's awesome platform for influencers

    3. Buysellads will get you in front of many people with banner ads

    4. Use native ads

    5. Tap into other people's lists, just connect with YouTubers, podcasts and big pages and ask for advertising

    Hope that helps.

    Let me know if you have any questions

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    Have you tried Reddit? It's an absolute goldmine.

    With the right posts, your traffic might explode.

    Search for your keyword on Reddit and find appropriate subreddits that are related to your niche. Then check each of these subreddits to see what kind of posts work there.
    Spend a bit time making a unique post on each of these subreddits, and if you'll do it right, you might get traffic that you've never even dreamed of.
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