How can I use Internet Marketing for my business?

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Hi to all, My name is saini, owner of, We manufactured CNC machine components and supplies all around in Asia, UK and Gulf countries. I want to expand my business little bit more, I want some suggestion on internet marketing that how can I start by my own.

I do not want to hire any agencies for the same.
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    Below are some activities through which you can expand your business:

    1. Register (or transfer) a free domain name for your website. This is the first step in building and promoting your online presence
    2. Design and launch a website
    3. Make your site searchable
    4. Create high-quality content and deliver it at high speed
    5. you're serious about using the world of internet marketing to build your business. You can list your products on to increase sale.
    6. Social Media Optimization-Promote your products on social media channels like Facebook,twitter.

    Hope this will help you.
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    Type the following into Google: "How can I use Internet Marketing for my business?"

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    Here is the answer to a similar question ("How does a business decide whether they should try to increase sales by using the internet?") that I wrote on Quora recently:

    What is the Internet?

    A TRAFFIC source.

    Traffic is one of the two elements necessary for any business to make sales.

    CONVERSION is the other.

    Whether you're looking at the Internet or not, you will always need Traffic and Conversion to drive revenue.

    Traffic is made up of people. They come from a source (the Internet, in this case, and we can "zoom in" from there to specific platforms on the Internet like Facebook, Instagram, forums, websites, etc.) and different sources have different quality variances. One source may be excellent for your purposes (ie. your target market hangs out there) and terrible for another. For instance, someone selling food or dresses may do well with Instragram; I don't think my professional services firm would do well on that platform.

    You can have an idea going in, but you will always have to TEST your traffic source to find out if it is a quality source of leads for you--or not.

    Various people will act as Lead Generation Experts. They (at least profess to) know the syntax of the platform, ie. what buttons to push to try and get the traffic you want flowing to your conversion tool.

    However, they are not fortune tellers and still have to learn how to drive the traffic YOU need. Can they set up a Facebook ads funnel for you? Sure. Will it bring you sales? Who knows. You'll have to TEST.

    So let's wrap up: in answer to your question, "It's a guess." Do you think your target market is there, on the Internet? It probably is. Where, exactly? What platform, and what syntax will be required to attract them? You're going to have to invest, test, be patient to figure that out.

    I have for my own businesses lost thousands of dollars several times in online advertising and have made money as well. My past experience meant nothing when I went after a new target market, and this was with the help of a skilled ads manager. Anyone who tells you, "It's going to work on the first try," is either lying to you or had better have a great track record of knowing where that target market is and how to get at it.

    Then I want you to note that this is only half the revenue equation. You need Conversion as well: that traffic from "the Internet" has to go somewhere: a landing page, an opt-in form to an email series, a video sales letter, a phone call, something to turn leads into buyers.

    And in between I recommend a Qualification System...something to filter raw leads into qualified leads: people who you now know have a real need for what you offer, can afford it, and are those you want to work with. Not everyone who hops over from "the Internet" will meet these qualifications, so throwing all the traffic at your conversion tool and hoping something sticks is a dumb, dumb, dumb idea (yet people do it all the time.)

    Along the way there are KPIs to track like Cost Per Lead, Cost of Customer Acquisition, and so on.

    I hope your big takeaway is there's more to making sales with the Internet than a decision to get started. Do not start unless you have several months of patience and at least $3000 to blow on ads plus at least another $1000 on an ads manager...and perhaps get nothing, absolutely nothing, in return.

    And do not fall for one of those stupid "You won't pay unless we make you sales" offers: you're testing their newbie ads manager skill on your dime.
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    Hello Sainiflange exactly as divyakochar mentioned I would change domain name as first!

    And hen easily follow with other steps but domain name should be changed
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    You have a very specific product.

    I would buy directory listings on specified websites, that are about your product.
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  • Build a website and optimize it with SEO. You can also establish your brand online with social media. Then experiment with other marketing techniques like paid ads.
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