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Besides MMO, how you do you guys that build lists in other niches manage to keep subscribers? I mean, everyone wants or needs money. It's evergreen.

In the health niche, how do you keep promoting the same products? If someone has has an illness, you can only throw the same e-books or Amazon links at them before they heal or unfortunately pass. And I'm assuming you would have to target a certain health related issue to get them on your list in the first place, so you couldn't promote every heath product under the sun.

And have people not figured out there are millions of videos on YouTube showing you different exercise techniques? You don't need a $29.00 course anymore. All free stuff out there.

In the relationship niche, how many books can one person read to pick up woman?

Am I missing something? Or do people enjoy buying e-books since they figure there might be that secret golden nugget they just can't get in free information?
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    Am I missing something?

    Yes, you're missing a lot. Why would anyone buy more than one diet book or program? Do you know anyone who might do that?

    In stores, why are there so many different brands and flavors of toothpaste - so many varities of hair care products. If you buy one sweater - why would you want a second one? Simple examples - but the same is true online. People buy info - plans - dreams - expectations - ...not just 'stuff'.

    You are scratching the surface of e-commerce - the "MMO" niches is a very small player online. Look at the ads on google - on sites you visit - do you buy things online? How do you decide what sites to visit or buy from?
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    MMO and Health.. they are the same thing filled with a bunch of "Courses" written by people that dont have a clue.. and throngs of people looking for that "Golden Nugget" to achieve thier desires. The REALITY is in both niches... every body wants the answer and no body wants to do the work.

    There is TONS of free content online on how to make money... yes there is TONS of content on how to loose weight. And apples to Oranges.. the Health / diet niche in terms of yearly dollars spent probably blows MMO away.

    Thats the whole game.. thats the reason for the most part i stay out of those nuches.. you can give them the golden nugget.. and the person on the other side, they will throw it over thier shoulder because it didnt work.. and look for the next, and the next and the next. Its sad really.

    Is this game we call IM.. there are 2 basic categories.. there are WANTS and NEEDS. Needs is easily broken down into food water and shelter.. nothing more nothing less. THOSE Niches all produce income. Understanding how to get into them can be a whole other story.. but success is dictated on those 3 - ALL DAY LONG.

    Then we are left with WANTS.. and F..... its shark infested waters on a good day, and a down right consumer slaughter on its worst. Forget the niche.. if its not FOOD, WATER, SHELTER.. you can call it what you want, but its all the same crap with a differnt name on the product / service and a differnt method to deliver it.

    As I see it there is no comparing one niche to the other... its all the same. How you succeed in one on the internet is the exact same way you succeed in any other. Ones not better than the other.. ones not worse. There is a million dollars to be made this year on "My Little Pony" or home made slime.. the same is possible with some jacked up offline sales course or some SAAS product that calculates sales percentages.

    The question then becomes "how much of a shark are you?" and "Can you use your EXPERINCE from outside what you are working on now and apply it?"

    Success in any of this is not that hard.. it wont happen in a week, and there is flat out a lot of work involved.. ESPECIALLY if you are sitting in your room and expecting to do this yourself. This crap aint easy.. its not even a JOB.. its a lifesyle - being an online SHARK.. that pulls dollars from peoples feeble little grips.. thinking there is a course or a pill that will make things right.. and I will say it again.. ITS SAD.

    So go watch Jaws or Moby Dick and get your inner shark on! hahaha
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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  • I hear what you guys are saying but almost everyone can relate to the MMO while the health niche can be divided into thousands of sub niches.

    If you were to blog about tinnitus, and attracted only people with tinnitus to your blog, and they got on your email list, what good is that really?

    You could offer them a few e-books, a book from Amazon. Maybe a CPA offer but you'll be treading water pretty quick. You would be hard pressed to offer them a headache relief e-book or something non related. I see it as a dead end.

    I can see the weight loss niche being evergreen since certain people are always struggling with their weight.

    In the MMO niche, you can blog about forex trading, sign people up on your list and that same person will probably be interested in drop shipping, list building or affiliate marketing course.
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    In the MMO niche, you can blog about forex trading, sign people up on your list and that same person will probably be interested in drop shipping, list building or affiliate marketing course.
    I don't agree.

    For "shiny object" chasers maybe.

    You might be amazed at the difference between the average Forex trader and Internet marketer. I've been promoting affiliate products online for 11 years but wouldn't touch anything to do with dropshipping. I won't even promote dropship courses to my subscribers.

    Try out your "broad match" blog and see how that goes for you.

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    So lets take your example of Tendonitis... easy enough right we can quickly google "percentage of population with tendonitis" and figure out with some math that .1% of the world population probably has it. and then we can see the world population is 7.7 billion so we can deduce that 7.7 million people have Tendonitis as we speak.

    Now think about this for a second. We can do a bit more research and find that about 20% of those 7.7 million are under the age of 18 1.4 million kids have 2.8 million parents that all of the sudden have an interest... the 1.4 million kids have friends and parents that are concerned about how to not have that happen and that 20% of market has just turned into 8.4 million concerned youth athletes and their parents.

    So going through this REAL fast if I were to target said subject I would be targeting the snot out of PARENTS of kids under 18 and involved in sports.

    In my little world... I have discovered a problem.. I have identified a market, and now I need to do a bit of research and find possible solutions to pitch.. and as I see it here on this forum.. this is tail end backwards to how others determine if there is a market.. they find product first, and then a solution.. to THEN find a market and they have no clue who they need to be communicating with.

    You can write blog posts all day long.. but if you don't know who you are writing to.. its all for not.. if you are writing because that is what you are supposed to do, its all for not. If yu have no clue about tendinitis, or the people that you SHOULD be communicating with or have a lick of understanding how to pitch a solution.. better yet PREVENTION in this case.. its all for not.

    like I said "My Little Pony" could be the fast track to Millions if you understand PEOPLE how to not identify a problem.. but how to identify the MARKET first, and THEN what people fall into that, and then tailor a solution to meet the needs of those people - REGARDLESS of what market, what niche, what service, what ever you sell or provide.. you simply will crush it
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Hey buddy! As a content creator myself that touches on lifestyle and mindset, there are million different things you can branch into. Do some affiliate marketing, create awesome videos and keep growing your brand so in the future you can get sponsorships and endorsements deals that align with everything you stand for! Much love

    Need help making money online to support your dreams of doing what you love?
    Looking to coach the next 20 people for free.

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  • In general, your product must be unique enough compared to others in order to sell well and this apply to all niches. Yes, you can promote other related products in the same niche if you think that it will benefit your subscribers. Try not to zoom into too specific niche if you feel that you are lack of content.
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    I have had to struggle with so many things because I was relating to too many info. At the end of the day you will discover that ALL you need to do is INNOVATE.

    IF you have 200 subscribers at least what you want to do is ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT & HOW you can help them best.

    When you answer that question you will STOP beating around the bush for the raw gold.

    #2. Secondly, if you want to make money then go into a money niche and leave PASSION.
    My niche is a passion and enthusiasm so I do not find it difficult to communicate;
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  • I think this question is where many online business owners start to struggle and ultimately fail.

    Everyone get to this point and says "What now?".

    The ones who succeed are the ones who sit down, dig deep and start looking for new ways to create sales. Sometimes it's an easy fix, and sometimes you may just need to create something new.

    Business isn't always that easy, but when you succeed it really opens your eyes to a much bigger dream and expectations for yourself.
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